Chapter 1059 (Teaser)

-Really? As expected, the value of the options is the greatest.

For the last week, Grid had devoted himself to hunting in the jungle, the first gateway of the Ruins of the Martial God. The followers in the jungle couldn’t easily stop him, Noe, Randy, Tiramet, the light elemental, and the Overgeared Skeletons. Randy was particularly active. The ‘doppelganger of the Mysterious Forest’, who could copy skills as well as the appearance of the target, evolved further with the development of Grid’s Swordsmanship. 

“Let’s take a break.”

Once his stamina gauge flashed, Grid sat down and summoned Overgeared Corn. Overgeared Corn confirmed that there were no women and ushered in Sage Time. He started to lick Grid’s cheek in a humiliated manner like he was a prisoner kissing the feet of an enemy leader.

Noe laughed. “Overgeared Corn is swearing about how his master doesn’t have a lover. A man who walks alone without a woman is the most pathetic and unsightly person in the world.”

Overgeared Corn responded like it was refreshing for his words to be heard. 

Grid snorted. “I’m a married man. You are the solo one.”

Overgeared Corn gave up. He bowed his head and cried. Grid stoked Overgeared Corn’s mane, pulled out his portable furnace and anvil, and focused on the whisper. He was contacting Chris.

-So, who is the lucky protagonist? 



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