Chapter 1058 (Teaser)

[Alchemy Research Institute]

[Facility Level: Advanced level 2.

*List of Products that can be Produced*

Intermediate~ Super Health Recovery Potion. Intermediate~ Super Mana Recovery Potion. Low~ Super Buff Potions. Weapon and Armor Enhancement Stones. Low-grade Sunglasses. Low~ Intermediate Orbs. Adjusted video communication. Magic power detection tower. Seven magic traps. Telecommunication earphones, etc.

*List of Metals that can be Transformed*

Steel. Silver. Black iron. Orichalcum *metal’s performance is enhanced*.

*List of Options that can be attached to Items*

Increased strength (small). Increased agility (small). Increased stamina (small). Increased intelligence (small). Increased movement speed (small). Reduced resource consumption (minimal). Skill enhancement effect (small). Coolness ★Added skill★ ★Added attribute★]

This was the current state of Reidan’s alchemy facility. It was a very good facility just looking at the basic functions. The super-grade recovery potions and buff potions were goods that boss monsters didn’t drop easily. They were expensive enough to be called ‘chaebol exclusive items’ and boasted excellent performance. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the best source of Grid and the Overgeared members’ performance...

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