Chapter 1057 (Teaser)

“This is the last island.”

She revealed herself as the 10th great demon.

“My name is Leraje. I am one of the 33 rulers who control hell.”

Leraje covered half of her face with a deep hat. The red lips made a sharp contrast to the pale skin.

“I am a great ruler who combines power and strategy. The proof is that I easily made it to the 66th island. Huhut.


It had been a long time since I met with others. Maybe it had been a few decades. However, I wasn’t happy. I was already bored and lazy.

The great demon was constantly talking. “My specialty is to struggle. I have a habit of winning against anyone I compete with. The evidence is that I easily took care of all the previous legends guarding the other islands. Demon Slayer Alex who made great demons tremble? Even he couldn’t be my opponent. Huhuhut.


Hrmm... It is unreasonable to try and talk to a death knight who doesn’t have an ego. It is no fun. Still, I am looking forward to it. Based on the sword hanging from your waist, you must be Sword Saint Muller. Didn’t you seal several great demons, including Hell Gao? I have always wanted to meet you....

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