Chapter 1055 (Teaser)

[(Breaking News) 22nd Great Demon Berith has been destroyed!

After a bloody 81-day march, Berith—the one who terrorized people—was killed. At the heart of the raid were Grid, Kraugel, and the Seven Dukes.]

[(Column) Satisfy related organizations should give an award to Grid and Kraugel.

We must not forget that the destruction of the Rotemon Kingdom has caused millions of players to be without a home. If Grid and Kraugel hadn’t brought the empire’s dukes together, the Haken Kingdom would’ve been destroyed by now and many people would’ve lost their place. If their activity were converted into economic value…] 

[(Analysis) The Resilience of the Great Demon

During the raid, Berith’s left arm was cut a total of 13 times, and his right arm and leg were cut off 9 times each. He suffered fractures 51 times and the number of critical injuries was 21, but Berith immediately recovered from all injuries. Omitted. It is assumed that high-ranking great demons who will emerge in the future won’t be affected by wounds of the flesh…]

[The ‘Hidden First Place Merit’ chosen by the players is Saintess Ruby

Who could forget the brilliant effect of the wide-area heal that Ruby used the moment she appeared? Ruby gave new power to the team already at their limits. Thanks to her presence,...

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