Chapter 1053 (Teaser)

A battle was about speed. There was nothing good about dragging it out for too long. This was a common idea for raid party members.

The hell environment that prohibited natural restoration was a big burden for both players and NPCs. Therefore, the raid party—led by Piaro and Rachel—gritted their teeth and fought hard. The party rushed through the canyon in order to speed up Berith’s death. They strengthened each other’s skills by linking their skills together and releasing the bombardment with no breaks.

The effect of the pincer attack was great. Berith’s defense and health were boosted once all his stats increased, but it was hard to hold out against the talents representing humanity. The biggest problem was that he couldn’t catch the timing for a counterattack.

Berith was a great demon. He was inherently strong and trampled on others with innate power. He didn’t learn or hone any combat skills, nor did he have the power to reverse the adverse situation.

““You cowards...!””

This was how it happened. For the first time since his birth, Berith let out a fear-filled cry. Then new magic power exploded from a cliff. The magic power was so intense that it captured the nerves of Berith, Piaro, Kirinus, and the dukes. The special magic power became a brilliant light that fell to the ground.


“This power...?!”

Kraugel and Faker were seriously wounded, and the dukes groaned. Only three...

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