Chapter 1052 (Teaser)

‘When will it recover?’

Grid became impatient over time. He thought the classes, titles, and skills that Berith’s distorted reality had taken away would be restored soon because the word ‘temporarily’ was mentioned, but it had been over 20 minutes. Maybe he was wrong...

The concept of time was different for each individual, so Grid was filled with tremendous anxiety.

‘For a great demon with eternal life, a human’s lifetime is a short moment.

The system was rubbish... There was a possibility that the distorted state wouldn’t be resolved. Everything he lost might not be restored. Grid had been hit in the back of the head more often than others and seriously considered it.

‘It might be better not to go back.’

The Magic Swordsman of the Epics was a class that was just growing. Nevertheless, it surpassed Pagma's Successor, and its combat power overwhelmed that of Pagma's Successor. Returning to Pagma's Successor was technically going backward. The moment that Magic Swordsman of the Epics was judged as a third class again, it was possible that Grid’s Sword Dance and the transcendent...

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