Chapter 1051 (Teaser)

It was after the end of the 4th National Competition that Kraugel placed the constraint of ‘not being able to leave Kirinus’ side for three years’ on himself. This drastically reduced the range of his activities.It was an unimaginable penalty that placed shackles on Kraugel. Even if the weather was clear or cloudy, even if it was snowing or raining… Kraugel merely continued guarding by Kirinus’ side.

A small mountain with a shabby hut became his world. During the time when other players were exploring hunting grounds across the continent and growing with all sorts of achievements, Kraugel stayed in the mountain and his level remained unchanged.

Still, this didn’t mean he stayed stagnant. The entire process of studying with Kirinus were nutrients that developed Kraugel. He completed a quest and his class of Sword Saint blossomed. Kraugel obtained Heart Sword. Heart Sword wasn’t as flashy as Space Sword. However, it was the ultimate sword technique that proved why a Sword Saint was the strongest.

[Heart Sword - First Entrance]

[Strike the target with the sword of will.

Deals damage equivalent to 10% of the target’s current health and causes critical damage. 

*It isn’t affected by the user’s attack power or the target’s defense. 

Skill Resource Consumption: Half of the maximum sword energy.

Skill Cooldown Time: 24 hours.

Skill Health Consumption: 10% is consumed.]

This was an absurdly low amount of damage considering the cost and cooldo...

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