Chapter 105 (Teaser)

Not long ago, Grid was a poor person with a debt. Then in the past week, he became rich. The profit earned from the Malacus raid was over 40 million won in cash. Then he received 960 million won from Pon for the Gale Spear.

Additionally, the money earned from appraising and repairing the items of the guild members was around 10 million won. In this way, Grid earned over one billion won, and there was another unexpected income.

[300,000 gold has been acquired.]


It was a pouch of money he received from Jishuka the other day. Grid opened the pouch in a corner of the inventory without thinking, and when he converted it to cash, a huge 360 million won came out.

Wow... What is this for?”

When Grid received the pouch from Jishuka, he had been shocked by the incident with Ahyoung. He didn’t have the will to check the amount of money in the pouch and just put it in his inventory. At that time, he never imagined that this little pouch would contain such a huge amount of money.

“The orb was worth 600,000 gold?”

The orb that Malacus dropped was only unique, and the performance wasn’t very good compared to the unique items Grid made.

It was strange since he sold the legendary Sword of Self-transcendence for 220,000 gold, while the unique...

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