Chapter 1049 (Teaser)

[Fires 40 swords with 200% physical attack power, leaving a mark on all visible enemies. An additional two sword energy will be generated per mark, and the added sword energy will aim at their targets.]

As it was described in the explanation, Transcended Link Flower was a skill where the size of the enemy didn’t matter. It was also a skill that maximized the power of the blood-sucking items Grid possessed. Grid had no sense of irrationality and helplessness when he dealt with a large number of enemies alone.

A mark appeared on the heads of Berith and the demon army within Grid’s field of view. Thousands of blue petals filled the canyon. The war-devastated canyon was transformed into a beautiful place.

[He sprinkled blue petals on the canyon dyed with red blood.]


With the sentence marking the beginning of the epic, there was a sense of resilience everywhere. Everyone looked up at Grid, and his chest became hot when he felt their gazes. Did he feel that he was superior to them? No. It was a pure sense of fullness that came from being acknowledged...

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