Chapter 1044 (Teaser)

Debirion, the god of hunting, was one of the numerous indigenous gods born from the myths. His status was considerably inferior when compared to Rebecca, Hexetia, and Zeratul. In the Saharan Empire, worshipping him was classified as heresy. He was an existence that was only at this level. Yet for Zibal, Debirion was an object of absolute faith.


[Due to Debirion’s favor, PvE damage has greatly increased and experience gained has increased slightly.]

The passive effect was triggered as soon as he entered combat. This was the driving force that allowed Zibal to stay in second place in the past. Debirion’s Envoy was a class that specialized in hunting and growth, so Zibal was convinced he could surpass Kraugel the moment he got the class. It was just that it had obvious limitations in PvP. Thus, Zibal had been forced to switch to Sky Rider tearfully. The loss of a gold medal to Grid in the National Competition’s raid event had also been decisive. The moment Zibal became a Sky Rider, he lost all class traits of Debirion’s Envoy.

Still, Debirion was a loving god. Rather than punish one of his few believers for...

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