Chapter 1043 (Teaser)

Ellelua was one of the major cities representing the Haken Kingdom. Cultural prosperity was built, and it was called the sanctuary of artists as tourists visited it every day. Now, it was still. In the aftermath of Great Demon Berith, it turned into a wasteland. The buildings that inspired the artists and the works of high value were shattered.

A huge magic circle was drawn in the sky where dust was blowing. Dozens of lights fell to the ground, and people could be seen inside the light. They were Grid’s party and the dukes. The other imperial forces remained at the historical site to assist with Skunk’s study.

“Is this Fort Taleren?”

The landscape was a city where everything had crumbled. The Overgeared members cocked their heads at the desolate landscape that showed no traces of people. Berith was said to be raiding Fort Taleren, so they naturally thought their destination was Taleren. Could this place be called a fortress?

Someone approached the puzzled group and explained, “No, this is Ellelua. Fort Taleren is the last bastion of the Haken Kingdom. The moment the war started, they blocked teleportation magic, making it inaccessible by magic. That’s why we chose the city closest to Fort Taleren as the gathering place.”

The explanation sounded like it was read from a script. The identity of this friendly man was the first ranked wind magician, Zednos. Toon, Laella, Ibellin,...

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