Chapter 1042 (Teaser)

It was a reunion that took place after a long time. The dukes unraveled the years of misunderstandings and grudges and then returned to reality. They first mourned Duke Diworth. The mourning didn’t last long, but the shortness didn’t mean it was insincere. 

Despite having little affection for each other and having different ideologies and political stances, Diworth had been a colleague who served the same imperial family. Consequently, it was natural for the dukes to mourn his death. It was just that this was an attitude derived from a minimum of justification. 

The dukes didn’t feel sorrow or regret. Wasn’t it strange to feel sadness for the death of a person they didn’t know very well? The dukes operated in different territories and didn’t have much contact with each other unless they had a particularly close relationship.

It was rumored that Diworth had been addicted to alcohol every day since he was middle-aged and he was particularly violent. Additionally, it was said that it was common for him to abuse or kill his soldiers under the guise of military discipline. Diworth’s death was rather cold. It wasn’t a problem to feel regret about. They didn’t know if they should look forward to the future of the Tiphon family, which would be led by his son now. 

‘It is right for those who lose their qualification to leave.’

Suddenly, Grenhal wondered what the assessment of him would be when he died. He was afraid to think about this. Morse spoke to Duke Grenhal who was making a bitter expression, “At the very least, I will cry for your death.”

Hahat, that is very kind of you.”

The time for mourning was...

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