Chapter 1041 (Teaser)

“We analyzed the situation at the time and was convinced that Sir Piaro didn’t betray us. It was just that evidence of treason was found, and we couldn’t prove that you didn’t want to betray the empire...”

Piaro had received the charge of treason. It had been impossible for the dukes to defend him without any evidence.

“In the end, we filed an appeal to take care of Sir Piaro’s family. You know the result of that...”

It was a long distant past, but from the standpoint of the parties involved, it was the pain of yesterday that they wanted to undo. Duke Grenhal knew Piaro’s heart and felt pained and heavy. He couldn’t raise his head, and his vision was spinning as he barely controlled his burning emotions.

“...” Piaro was silent.

They didn’t turn away from his pain, but he blamed them. These two facts buzzed in Piaro’s head and tormented him. Piaro looked up at the sky with a somber expression and suddenly asked, “Who do you mean by we?”

“Me, Duke Morse, Duke Rachel, and Duke Rigal.”


Grid stood to the side and bit his lips. Sky King Rigal... It was now clear why Rigal had been agitated when he discovered Piaro at the last minute. Grid reproached himself for having ordered Piaro to kill Rigal. Piaro grabbed...

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