Chapter 104 (Teaser)


Through continuous engagements, the speed of the Gale Spear was maximized. Pon’s current attack speed couldn’t be followed by human eyes. It felt like a dozen spears were thrusting at the same time.

Zirkan followed it well, but he eventually reached his limit. The moment he saw a gap, Pon flew through the air without missing this opportunity.

“True Illusion!”


The spear poured forward like a shower. The magnificent golden armor around Zirkan’s body was instantly turned into rags.



It was an incredible sight. The first ranked swordsman, also known as the strongest person who led the five captains of the Giant Guild, fell to his knees.

Pon pointed a spear at his heart and spoke, “Pant pant... You’re still strong. Originally, I would’ve lost.”

Pon was just as seriously injured as Zirkan. He had been completely overwhelmed at the beginning of the battle, but as the battle continued, he became stronger due to the option of the Gale Spear and was able to reverse the situation.

“That spear...” Zirkan smiled bitterly as he examined the splendid appearance of the blue and silver spear. “It is a really amazing spear....

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