Chapter 1036 (Teaser)

“A Berith raiding strategy exists.”

The place where Berith was summoned was too far from the empire. The empire had little room to intervene, and the military power of ordinary kingdoms couldn’t bear Berith’s power. In order to minimize the damage, players had to move and raid Berith.

However, it was impossible. In this case, half the continent would really be destroyed. Hundreds of billions of quests would be permanently destroyed, and hundreds of millions of players would lose what they had built up. Was this really what the S.A Group wanted?

Some intellectuals weren’t convinced. The S.A Group also hoped for Berith to be raided and analyzed that they should’ve arranged a strategy.

“The 33 great demons are based on Solomon’s 72 demons.”

The fact that the 1st great demon was Baal and the existence of Belial and Berith were obvious proofs of this. Not all 33 great demons might have the same settings as the 72 demons of Solomon, but many of the great demons were created the same or had slightly modified configurations as Solomon’s 72 demons. The Berith depicted...

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