Chapter 1034 (Teaser)

Now Grid’s thinking ability wasn’t easily buried. He didn’t neglect the title of Different Species’ King because he was lazy or lacking. Rather, it was because he concluded that he could be wasting energy if he cared about it and chose to be patient.

He needed a reliable helper to utilize the Different Species’ King title.

[Different Species’ King]

[You have proved your king’s qualification by embracing non-human species.

★ Permanent Effects

* Difference species are very favorable to you. 

* If the target is a different species, the probability of increasing affinity will double.

* However, some warlike species will want to test your abilities.

★ Limited Effects

* The ‘contract’ system is activated with the title effect.

* There are three contracts available. (3/3)]


[If the target is another species, you can propose a contract.

The target you contract with will ‘awaken’ strengthened racial characteristics. You will acquire some of the racial traits of the contracted target.

You can’t destroy a contract once it is...

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