Chapter 1033 (Teaser)

They were many players who opposed the Saharan Empire. No, most players would feel negatively toward the Saharan Empire. How many modern people could be sympathetic to the image of the empire that discriminated and repressed other species and cultures, calling themselves the only right answer? There might be many players who joined the empire to enjoy their infrastructure, but it was hard to find those who devoted themselves to the empire.

There was just one strange thing. The poisonous Chinese players often favored the Saharan Empire. The empire couldn’t be seen negatively because the appearance of the Saharan Empire wasn’t that different from China’s, who put pressure on the surrounding countries. In their eyes, the ideals of the empire were worthy and the attitude of the empire was natural. Rather, they thought the empire was intrepid.

Of course, not all Chinese were the same, but it was true that many Chinese supported the empire by describing the Saharan Empire as Satisfy’s China. The same was true for the Chinese rankers gathered here now. For them, the empire was another version of China, and the nobles of the empire who exerted ‘appropriate authority’ were the objects of envy. The dukes were the best among the empire’s...

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