Chapter 1032 (Teaser)

Ranked players had exceptional talent, passion, effort, and perseverance. They were highly proud of their own accomplishments. Faker was the same. If he were the best among two billion players, then at least he could feel proud that he didn’t shame his grandfather.

It’s just that this changed with one person. This story changed in front of Grid.

“You should’ve learned this.”

Faker acquired Fly on Top of Grass through Grid, and he felt truly indignant. The effect of Fly on Top of Grass was much greater than expected. Faker judged that Grid should’ve learned the skill, not him. He blamed himself for failing to refuse Grid’s goodwill. Even Faker, who had the reputation of ‘not losing in PvP’, was modest in front of Grid.

Grid sighed. “No? It is great that you learned this.”

He was serious. The effect of a 20% increase in all speeds would be a great help to Grid, but Grid already used buffs to maximize his speed. If he recalled the ‘world that he saw through a transcendent gaze’, this speed was probably the maximum possible for him right now... Still, it was doubtful.

In any case, Grid didn’t...

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