Chapter 1031 (Teaser)

At the S.A Group’s headquarters...

Tok. Someone ate a chicken leg that had been leftover.

Tutok. Someone else hadn’t bitten the chicken wing yet.

“...” It dropped from their hands. Their souls were lost in the aftermath of the first player to obtain a third class.

...Ah.” Director Yoon Sangmin belatedly recovered his spirit and looked at the scattered pieces of chicken on the table. It was fortunate, really fortunate. He dropped the chicken breast. The relieved Yoon Sangmin gulped down bottled water instead of beer. He wiped the spicy sauce on his mouth and said, “I thought the first one to obtain the third class would be Agnus, but there was a reversal.”

In fact, the concept of ‘first’ wasn’t very important. There were no benefits from being the first to get a third class. Instead, honor followed. There were currently 1,311 people with a second class. Among them, there was only one person with the title of ‘First to Obtain a Second Class’, and it belonged to Huroi.

This was something that couldn’t be taken away—an eternal record. It was impossible to predict how great Grid’s pride would be after surpassing two billion competitors. Moreover, the point to note was that Grid had obtained a class that directly indicated the possibility of a myth rated class.

[Someone unknown has received a third class for the...

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