Chapter 1029 (Teaser)

‘It must be a series of pain.’

Pagma had fought against an army of hundreds of thousands of demons in the Behen Archipelago on his own. He had glimpsed the essence of Hexetia and realized that his distinction between good and evil had been wrong. Then he regretted the damage he’d done to Braham. In retrospect, perhaps Pagma felt betrayed by the martial god. Every time he discovered a new truth, he would’ve been in shock and pain. In the end, he would’ve felt skeptical about his own life.

‘...He is pitiful.’

Braham and Pagma—they were both pitiful people. It was the same for Piaro and Asmophel. Grid thought seriously about friendship and trust.

‘I won’t betray a friend, even if I have a blade at my neck.’

They were precious and hard-earned friends. He couldn’t betray them. His heart touched Braham’s sleeping soul. Feeling hopeful, Grid brought up the list of Pagma's Sword Dance. A new option had been added to every sword dance.

[Wave Lv. 1]

[★ Braham’s Shield will wrap around the caster’s body when...

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