Chapter 1028 (Teaser)

The children of the progenitor Beriache had inherited one desire from her. Among them, Braham had inherited her desire for knowledge, endured the Curse of Sloth, and reached the truth of the world. Like his mother Beriache, he had peeked at the true nature of the gods.

That’s why in the past, he felt uneasy when Pagma confessed that he had met the martial god. Martial God Zeratul—Braham had been convinced that this prideful and arrogant god wouldn’t pay attention to humans out of goodwill. It had been as he’d expected.

Pagma said he had gotten rejected by the martial god. Then he confessed that he realized his shortcomings thanks to the martial god and vowed to be more determined to gain the power to protect the world. This vow later returned to Braham as a terrible betrayal. Pagma killed Braham and took away his life span under the name of destroying evil.

-I still clearly remember Pagma’s eyes as he pierced my heart. There was no affection, regret, or pain in his eyes as he looked down at my dying self. He was only filled with a desire for strength.

-The followers aren’t noble truthseekers. They are just cursed slaves who will never reach the ultimate realm with...

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