Chapter 1027 (Teaser)

‘Just this?’

Grid was troubled as he walked through the jungle. The Ruins of the Martial God...

It had been six years since Satisfy was released and a new area opened. Wasn’t it normal for the difficulty level to be very high? To be honest, he had determined that the expedition itself wasn’t possible. Yet once he actually embarked on the expedition, it wasn’t a big deal. There was the universal key, and the work was too easy.

‘Rather, the Galgunos Temple is harder.’

The followers at the ruins were 50 levels higher than the temple followers and had more skills. However, they weren’t threats because they were normal monsters, and they appeared one by one. Rather, he perceived the difficulty of the undead-infested temple as higher.

‘...Indeed. I heard that Galgunos was also revered as a god.’

It was impossible to establish a hypothesis that this place was more difficult just because it was in the Red Sea. Before dividing the world into the West Continent, the Red Sea, and the East Continent, the settings were different from place to place. Dragons lived on the West Continent.

‘Let’s not jump to conclusions.’

The jungle was only one gateway in the ruins. After that, the difficulty might rise significantly.


In the private barracks, Grid was busy thinking as he patted Noe’s fur, which was gradually becoming darker. What item could the Overgeared Skeletons make using their bones? He thought about what to create. The system set up Overgeared...

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