Chapter 1025 (Teaser)

The emergence of Great Demon Berith stimulated many players. They believed it was an opportunity to gain great wealth, and the unsuspecting rankers and guilds challenged the Berith raid. It wasn’t just the existing powerhouses. The forces that had been secretly gathering power also appeared in the world.

Then all of them failed completely. Sometimes dozens, hundreds, or even thousands died before Berith’s lies and alchemy. Berith’s wrath didn’t stop there, and the land he stepped on turned to ruin. In particular, two kingdoms in the eastern part of the continent suffered irreparable damage.

[Sagaltina City in the Haken Kingdom has been destroyed.]

[Agarna City in the Haken Kingdom has been destroyed.]

[Germon City in the Rotemon Kingdom has been destroyed.] 

[The Rotemon Kingdom...]

Dozens of towns and cities disappeared from the map. It meant that even the armies couldn’t block Berith. The players felt a sense of crisis. As more territories were destroyed by Berith, the number of facilities and hunting grounds available to them decreased.

The people shouted unanimously:

-We need to get rid of Berith as soon as possible.

-If this continues, we will disappear.

-This is when the rankers should work together.

Now, the Berith raid was promoted as an opportunity to win wealth and...

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