Chapter 1024 (Teaser)

The 10 meritorious retainers back at the meeting point were agitated.

“Why is he so late?”

“Did something happen?”

“I can’t get in touch with him.”

It was 15 minutes past the promised meeting time yet Grid still hadn’t returned. Of course, Grid was much stronger than them. A crisis for them would be a small problem for Grid. Still, as his friends, they couldn’t help worrying.

“He will be fine. According to Lauel, the waterfront is safe,” Jishuka tried to reassure her colleagues, but she was visibly anxious. The Ruins of the Martial God were still unknown. No one knew what dangers were lurking. The atmosphere became increasingly darker.



Then Lauel got a shock, and Faker raised his eyebrows. They detected three monstrous presences with their developed senses. It was a presence that emanated without any concealment. It seemed to be showing off, roaring at the world with no fear. These beings...

Huh?” Jishuka’s eyes caught sight of a huge rock and beast. No, they weren’t rocks and beasts. Looking closely, they were both beasts.

“Prepare for battle,” Lauel ordered. Faker was already hiding in the...

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