Chapter 1023 (Teaser)

[The key fits perfectly.]

[An effect has occurred.]


It was a small keyhole in a big tree. He put in and turned the universal key, then a notification window emerged with a cheerful sound effect. An effect had occurred!

Grid imagined it. The tree would split in half, and hidden treasures would appear. If Lauel had to guess, it would be a scene where he was likely to obtain a skill book that gave a ‘martial god’s secret technique’.


However, the tree didn’t move. Unlike the notification window, nothing really happened.

“What? Why?” Grid was confused for a moment and searched around. There were all types of plants and trees, and some of the trees had keyholes.

‘Are there some losing tickets? Let’s open some more.’

Grid moved to a big tree that was 20 meters away.

[You have fallen into a trap!]

It was an absurd thing. The ground sank the moment he stepped on a protruding tree root.

[You have suffered 10,200 damage!]

There was a 10-meter-deep tunnel. Grid fell into the terrible trap installed in the ground and spat out blood.

“...I would’ve died if I had fallen into it during a fight.”

Why was there a trap in this place? Grid was thinking about it as he used Fly to escape the tunnel.

‘Did the imperial army do it?’

The empire wanted to monopolize the ruins. Considering their abilities, it was certainly possible. It...

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