Chapter 1022 (Teaser)

It had been a journey which spanned over 10 years.

“...” Imperial Prince Benoit had finally achieved his purpose, and he felt a strange sense of power. The truth that he had known from the beginning... Maybe he had wanted it to be a lie. He felt all types of emotions when he saw the evidence that Great Demon Berith gave him.

“Imperial Prince! Imperial Prince!” There was a call for him during the long journey back to the empire. Benoit turned his head in the direction of the call, but he ignored it and kept walking. With a thin body, upright posture, an old attire, and a long beard, he looked like a pilgrim. The people passing by greeted him, unaware that he was the traitor to humanity. However, he couldn’t fool everyone’s eyes.

“Your Highness!” The running man caught up and overtook Benoit, blocking his way. He was the owner of a demon mark that attached to the target on the premise that the wearer never died. It was Chensler.

“Sir Chensler.”

How did he recognize Benoit’s current disguise? However, it was expected for the Five Pillars to recognize him. He couldn’t hide his red energy in his present state and couldn’t escape the senses of the Five Pillars.

“I came to this place by following the trail of the priest that carried out the great demon summoning ceremony.”

Huhuhu, the priest. Is that what the Rebecca followers are calling me?”

“Yes, but they don’t know Your Highness’ identity.” 

“It is reasonable. Ah, don’t misunderstand. I’m not hiding my identity for the empire. The Yatan Church already knows my identity. The world will know it at any time now... the fact...

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