Chapter 1020 (Teaser)

From the moment they entered the Red Sea, whispers and other communication systems were prohibited and the use of teleport-type magic was also blocked. Still, the Overgeared members were aware of Berith’s emergence.

[22nd Great Demon Berith has appeared somewhere on the continent...!]

It was thanks to the world message. Grid and the 10 meritorious retainers knew the strength of the great demon, so they were forced to feel nervous. Everything would be over if the great demon invaded the Overgeared Kingdom. It was the right move to return home now. There was a flurry of impatient and negative opinions.

Lauel calmed them down, “I have been talking to Damian since the ceremony started.”

Damian had told Lauel that if he couldn’t stop the great demon from ascending to the ground, he would lead the great demon as far away from the Overgeared Kingdom as possible. It was certainly possible. The battlefield between the Rebecca Church and Yatan Church was the furthest place from the Overgeared Kingdom. Damian always acted with the Overgeared Kingdom in mind. He was a really strong ally.

‘However, I didn’t think he would fail to stop the ritual.’

This summoning ritual was different from the one with Belial. Belial’s summoning ritual had been...

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