Chapter 102 (Teaser)

“Okay, perfect.”

All preparations for making the item were finished. Grid took out the weapon production method he received from Ibellin this morning.

[Thorn Production Method]

[Prerequisite: Advanced Blacksmith Mastery Level 5 or higher.

Thorn: A flamberge with small thorns like a black rose. It’s reminiscent of the stem of a rose.

The target will suffer a painful wound when touched by this weapon.

User Restriction: Level 210 or higher.] 

The Gale Spear required level 240 to use and the condition for learning its production method was Advanced Blacksmith Mastery Level 4. However, despite the level requirement to use Thorn being 30 levels lower, Advanced Blacksmith Mastery Level 5 was needed to learn its production method.

‘This means that the difficulty of making this weapon is high.’

Originally, a flamberge was in the shape of fire or a wave, but as the name suggested, Thorn was in the shape of a thorn, so it was harder to make than ordinary flamberges.

‘I have to make small thorn-like blades on it... it’s important to make it so that the small blades don’t break easily... this will definitely be a pain.’

Grid learned the production method. Then the details of Thorn appeared along with a notification window.

[’Thorn Production Method’ has been acquired.]


[Rating: Rare ~ Legendary

Rare Rating Information:

Durability: 135/135   Attack Power: 190

Armor Penetrating Power: +30%

* Unconditional bleeding will occur when an attack is successful.

* There is a 30% reduction in the healing ability of the attacked target.

Epic Rating Information:

Durability: 160/160   Attack Power: 230

Armor penetrating power: +35%

* Unconditional bleeding will occur when an attack is successful.

* There is a 35% reduction...

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