Chapter 1018 (Teaser)

Kirinus and Rachel—their confrontation, as the best spearsmen of the continent, was as fierce as expected. Still, the dignity and majesty of the duel between the absolute best couldn’t be seen. They fought for days and nights across two mountains, and it eventually turned into a dog fight. There were times when they grabbed each other by the collar and rolled across the ground.

‘It is one month as of today.’

Both sides would fight until they were exhausted. Then after having a break, they would start again. Kirinus and Rachel had already done this for the seventh time. The confrontation between them had continued for a month.

‘The result can’t be concluded.’

Both of them were masters who had reached enlightenment with the spear. Since their attack and defense had reached unity, it wasn’t easy to come to a conclusion. It was difficult for them to fatally injure each other because their attack and defense were linked by a single action.

This was Kraugel’s insight, but it was a meaningless interpretation. The game system recognized Kirinus and Rachel as the best in their class and gave them great health and defense in recognition of the fact that ‘the absolute person shouldn’t die easily.’ They could eliminate players with a strike, but against each other, the damage was only enough to expose each other’s gaps but not come to a conclusion. 

If this were a world of fantasy or martial arts novels, the two people would receive all types of descriptions. Unfortunately, this was reality. It was a reality confined to the framework of the ‘game’, so they couldn’t escape the absolute value of the system. Nevertheless...

‘I can learn a lot.’

A month would be tedious and irritating for both parties involved, but for Kraugel, it was...

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