Chapter 1017 (Teaser)

At the port city of Galest, the imperial army was preparing to sail through the route in the Red Sea that Grenhal had left behind. Earl Baget was moving among the bustling soldiers. “Only three flour bags? You pathetic bastards! Can you call yourselves soldiers of the empire?! Can you defend your country with this much strength and passion? Stop talking nonsense! It must be hard for your parents!”


Earl Baget had long been famous for his military discipline, but there were no cases when he had cursed at soldiers who were doing well. Now he even mentioned their parents? The soldiers suffered great shock and hurt. Those soldiers—who were working hard to prepare for the journey—lost their motivation as Earl Baget’s words continued, and their overall work efficiency was lowered. Marquis Fulbas ran after hearing the news and tried to stop Earl Baget. “I understand that your heart is impatient, but do it moderately. Why are you cursing the soldiers who are doing well instead of praising them?”

“It is funny they are reacting like this from being yelled at! Do you think it makes sense that those who swore to sacrifice themselves for their country can’t take a bit of cursing?! Marquis Fulbas, you are the problem! People are always talking behind the scenes that you are sensitive to public sentiment and don’t have a backbone! There is a rumor that it is the aftereffects of...

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