Chapter 1016 (Teaser)

The emperor had negative feelings about the war against the Overgeared Kingdom. Was it because he hoped that Piaro wouldn’t be swept up in the war? No. The emperor wasn’t foolish enough to allow private feelings to affect the nation. There were several reasonable factors that caused him to have a negative view of the war.

Firstly, he appreciated the value of Overgeared King Grid, who was Pagma's Successor and had received the title of Hero King. He was a means to help the emperor fulfill his ancestors’ desires to enter the East Continent. Additionally, he found out that Grid had gained Piaro. The emperor acknowledged Grid’s power in many ways and wanted to treat him magnanimously rather than be enemies.

Secondly, there was the fact that 3rd Imperial Prince Benoit was a variable. He couldn’t tell the Seven Dukes that he was worried about his son’s well-being, but Prince Benoit was currently wandering the continent while conducting suspicious rituals. At first, the emperor didn’t know what the rituals were. Then he realized that Belial’s summoning had a direct connection with Benoit. Why was this child so obsessed with summoning the great demons? They were a big threat to the entire continent.

The previously summoned Belial had been relatively low in rank and easily stopped by the Overgeared members. However, if Benoit summoned a high ranking great demon, then it was highly likely some parts of the continent...

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