Chapter 1013 (Teaser)

“What is this?” Grid was startled when he arrived at Reidan. He was heading to the place where the guild members were gathered, only to see a huge hole in one wall. Several houses 500 meters away from the wall were also damaged. This wasn’t a great sight considering how much of the kingdom’s finances had been used to strengthen the wall. There was a neat hole in the 30-meter-thick wall. This was a result that the Overgeared Cannon couldn’t make.

Grid was nervous and asked Chris, “Isn’t Reidan at max level? Did the empire develop a new cannon?”

“It is a remnant of the magic power fired by Drunk Duke Diworth.”

“A duke! He is already marching this way?!”

“No, not yet. The imperial camp is roughly 11 kilometers away. Diworth fired his magic power from there.”


Chris asserted that Diworth’s magic power made the concept of distance meaningless. Grid found it strange, but he knew there was no exaggeration in Chris’ words. It was because the sweat on Chris’ face reminded Grid of the power of the Seven Dukes which he had experienced personally.

‘I couldn’t defeat the weakest Rigal by myself.’

The skills of the other Seven Dukes must be powerful beyond imagination. Grid frowned and was about to speak, but...

“I-I’ll fix it quickly.” Three middle-aged men then rushed to the damaged wall, grabbing heavy tools. The other people...

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