Chapter 1008 (Teaser)

It had been six years since Satisfy started, but it wasn’t an official record. This was because the six years included the closed beta period most people didn’t know about. Consequently, it only became a special meaning for a certain number of users selected for the closed beta.

[We found the North End Cave!]


[You have successfully explored every part of the West Continent!]

The 1st ranked explorer, Skunk, managed a great achievement. It was an accomplishment that none of the challengers had achieved.

[It is an achievement that will remain in history!]

[The title ‘More Than Anyone Has Seen’ has been acquired as an achievement reward!]

[You are the first player to acquire a Complete Map!]

[As a reward for the Complete Map, your ‘Highest Grade Compass’ is promoted to ‘Compass of Truth’!]

[New map completion rate has automatically increased by 10%!]

[One ‘Seedling’ can be planted in every region in the future. If the seedlings grow and become trees, they will be your eyes and ears. Destroyed seedlings and trees can’t be restored.]

[★A legend that has never appeared in history has started to quicken! ★] 

[Skills experience, character experience, and quest...

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