Chapter 1007 (Teaser)

“Wow, this is really scary.”

“He bought me 43 seconds more than I required.”

2 minutes and 23 seconds—this was the amount of time it took Noll to break in and out of the middle of the enemy camp. There were at least tens of thousands of attacks that struck Noll at the same time, but he didn’t die.

He had an excellent tanking ability and recovery ability, while the Valhalla of Strong Trust that Grid had made for him increased his health, reduced the damage he received, gave him additional defense against multiple enemies, and strengthened his physical defense and magic defense in dark places. It wasn’t an exaggeration to call him a zombie. 

“He is almost immortal because of his blood-sucking and tanking ability.”

Noll’s defense and recovery were overwhelming and unique, beyond a fraudulent level. The attack power of ordinary soldiers who had yet to receive their third advancement couldn’t damage him. Of course, among the 250,000 imperial troops, there were a large number of third advancement elites and fourth advancement nobles, but most of them were at the forefront. They couldn’t immediately respond to Noll breaking into the center of the formation, allowing him to slaughter the enemies without hesitation.

Noll proved that the saying about direct descendants being a ‘disaster’ wasn’t an exaggeration.

Simultaneously, it proved the limitations on the concept of military force. He was active for 2 minutes and 23 seconds. It wasn’t a short...

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