Chapter 1006 (Teaser)

Reidan, which faced the empire, could be called the gateway to the Overgeared Kingdom. The Overgeared Kingdom had never allowed the empire to advance into Reidan. The elite forces armed with Grid’s mass-produced set and the top rankers blocked the empire.

It was why the imperial army had been stuck in the desert for a month. The imperial army was exhausted from fighting every day in the desolate and hot desert and was tired enough to think that the spires of Reidan Castle in the distance was actually a mirage.

It happened one day when the imperial army’s morale was low.

“The enemy in front has retreated!”


Good news came to them. The desertit was an unfamiliar terrain for the imperial soldiers. It was news that the Overgeared Kingdom’s troops fighting here had moved back.

“Now we can break through the desert without interference!”

“Start a rapid march to Reidan Castle!”

In the imperial army’s main barracks, the nobles were excited by the good news, but the commanderMarquis Fulbasignored their cries. He sought advice from his staff, “The desert is a very favorable terrain for the Overgeared members who are familiar with the desert. Why did they discard the desert and move back? Will there...

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