Chapter 1005 (Teaser)

For a Sword Saint, the sword wasn’t a simple tool. The expression ‘part of the body’ was lacking. A Sword Saint couldn’t distinguish between himself and the sword. He was a person who achieved mind and heart unification with the sword.

“The will to cut must be excellent in order to produce a result,” Rachel stated while watching the Sword Saint. “Sword Saint Muller was said to have cut the enemy despite skipping the process of drawing the sword. However, you can’t cut me even if you draw your sword.”

“...” Kraugel couldn’t refute it. It was an accurate representation without any distortion. Kraugel had recognized Rachel as an enemy as soon as she appeared and drew the sword to cut her. However, he didn’t have a chance to attack. Kraugel’s level 5 Super Sensitivity warned that he would be in danger the moment he cut her. It was a greater warning than when he faced the fully buffed Grid. Consequently, Kraugel couldn’t cut her.

“A Sword Saint is worse than I am.” Rachel, who had been standing with folded arms, reached out to the empty space. A red spear with a curvature that resembled the flames of a dragon appeared in her hand. Simultaneously...

[You have suffered 8,010 dama...

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