Chapter 1004 (Teaser)

Ibellin and the Overgeared members hadn’t killed a single enemy. They had found it hard to intercept the air force who attacked from a high altitude, and they had also failed to penetrate the defense of the griffon and wyvern’s heavy armor. Yes, they hadn’t protected Bairan. They had been seriously trampled on, but they hadn’t run away.

Instead, they had held on till the end and protected the people. They had taken on the arrows and spells pouring from the sky on behalf of the people, lost their lives, and resurrected while gathering information on the enemy. All of this information had been passed onto Lauel.

Thanks to this, Lauel could determine the power of the air force. Yet the one he sent as reinforcement was only Grid. The Overgeared members in Bairan were furious. Even if Grid was strong, how could he handle the 5,000 air force members and Sky King Rigal? Why had Grid been sent alone without the best archers, magicians, and tankers to protect him?

They felt that Lauel had failed to understand the seriousness of the situation. Additionally, it wasn’t good that they were placing great burdens on Grid all the time. In the end,...

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