Chapter 1003 (Teaser)

The Immortal King Grenhal, Beast King Morse, Drunk Duke Diworth, Golden Crown Basara—they led the army of their respective territories and drove the water clan out of the port cities around the empire.

There was no battle. The water clan fled whenever the armies appeared. The dukes took it for granted. They thought there was no one in the world foolish enough to go against them.

“Is everybody healthy? We are gathering together for the first time in a few years.”

The final destination of the four dukes was Galest. Galest was the largest port city responsible for the empire’s economy. Just two days ago, the ships were paralyzed and unable to sail because of Maxong, the water clan king. Maxong was like the god of the sea, and Galest’s troops couldn’t resist him. Yet even the fearsome Maxong fled as soon as he heard the dukes had arrived.

Beast King Morse licked his lips with regret. “I thought it was a chance to tame the water clan king, but he ran away. I knew the different species were uncivilized, but I didn’t expect that even the king would have no honor.”

“A king of beasts is also a beast. There is no honor.”

“In any case, hasn’t the sea path opened? We can move to the rear of Reidan.”

“There are no ships that can depart immediately. The water clan king destroyed all the ships.”

“A beast used his head? This is embarrassing.”

“Do we need to hurry? Rigal has already taken over Bairan, so we can move at a leisurely pace.”

“Again? That Rigal is always fast.”

“The air force of the Gelder Family is the pride of the empire for a reason.”

Rigal had inherited the position when his father passed away. He had fought a total of 39 wars over the past 17 years. The air force he led had always been the first to strike and unconditionally won. It even boasted a 100% survival rate. This meant there had been...

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