Chapter 1002 (Teaser)

Sky King Rigal’s class was a rider, and his main weapon was a large bow. His archery skills were like a reaper’s scythe as he climbed onto his ancient wyvern Allentica and fired from an altitude of 800 meters. Anybody targeted by Rigal would die, but now the situation was different.

Currently, Rigal was on the ground. He couldn’t take advantage of the rider class, and the whip in his hand was normally used to train his wyvern. Jude’s fist fell like a rock, and thunder rose from the ground. Every time Jude wielded his fist, a shockwave would stir up the ground. It was as if Jude’s fist contained the greatest disaster that humans could suffer. The imperial forces gulped, and the Overgeared members had hope.

One hit... Jude’s fist struck Rigal’s face once, and it seemed the tide would turn.

“My Lord, I will cover you.” In the end, a subordinate couldn’t hide his anxiety and immediately wanted to give the entire army a boarding order.

However, Earl Baron—who was Rigal’s right-hand man and commander of the air force—shook his head. “Let him enjoy it. He seems to want to peek at the potential of that wild boar.”

The conversation of the two people continued. During this time, Rigal carefully avoided all the attacks and wielded his whip while being wary of Jude’s left hand.


A single whip tied up Jude’s left hand while he struck Jude’s right hand at the same time. The small pendulum at the end of the whip contained more weight than expected, and Jude’s hand instantly became swollen.

“This whip is an artifact...

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