Chapter 1001 (Teaser)

* Urgent Notice *

The imperial air forces have raided Bairan.

The altitude of their air force is higher than the information we had stated.

The anti-air surveillance and defense facilities throughout the Overgeared Kingdom are useless.

The imperial air forces have occupied Bairan.

The contents of the notice listed sequentially were short but contained the essence. The worst situation was clearly depicted to be currently happening in Bairan. There were currently approximately 1,000 Overgeared members. Most of the members scattered throughout the kingdom rushed to Bairan as soon as they confirmed the notice. They hoped to be of help.

However, the result didn’t change.

‘It was captured in only half a day?’

Originally belonging to Winston, Bairan had developed into a city larger than Winston and gained independence. Bairan had geographical advantages and was a special place for Grid and the early Overgeared members. This meant it received a lot of investments. Piaro had stayed there for a while to develop the agriculture, making it the most important supply base for the Overgeared Kingdom apart from Reidan. It inevitably meant there were many troops stationed at Bairan.

Although it could be classified as the outskirts of the north, Lauel knew the importance of the supply base and had 8,000...

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