Chapter 100 (Teaser)

Pon immediately bowed.

“Grid, you are better than any blacksmith I have ever seen. I’m truly honored to have a great craftsman like you as my colleague.”

Up to now, Pon had visited a large number of blacksmiths and commissioned the production of items. 

He crossed the Hell Desert to meet the best blacksmith in the east, and experienced the invasion of the fire dragon Trauka to meet a famous dwarf blacksmith. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he met famous blacksmiths from all over the world.

Unfortunately, Pon couldn’t get any unique rated production items despite his efforts. No matter how well-known the blacksmith, making a unique item was like picking a star from the sky.

Then what about Grid? He made three items, and one of them was completed as unique rated. Furthermore, the performance of the Gale Spear produced by Grid was well above that specified in the production method.

‘There was also the suggestion that he could make legendary rated items.’

Grid exceeded common sense. The blacksmith they desperately searched for was a hidden treasure. Pon’s respect rose.

“Amazing. You’re really...

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