Chapter 613: Receive a Drop of Water, Repay with a Whole Stream

I thought I would hear something from them soon. However, nightfall had come and no one had come back. I became restless. 

Frankly speaking, I wasn’t worried about Senior Shu’s safety. Moreover, if that taming master could defeat him, he would have already come back

While waiting restlessly, I heard someone screaming. Reflexively, I went to check. The scenery was the same as before, and nothing had changed yet. I knew they were fighting inside the fantasy scene. I pricked up my ears and tried to listen. 

Indeed, I heard metal clanging, as well as Senior Shu and the taming master screaming and shouting. From the noise, Senior Shu sounded much more intimidating. It seemed his surprise attack had succeeded. I exhaled in relief and held the Holy Mother Scepter tighter… 

Around ten minutes later, the fighting noise became clearer. Two vague figures slowly appeared in the clear site in front of me. I knew they were about to reappear, so I rushed and hid behind a big rock. Soon, they showed up. Senior Shu was holding the blood-dripping Emei Piercer in his hand, while the other hand was clutching his chest. He seemed to be wounded. 

The taming master was in an even worse condition than Senior Shu. His clothes were ragged, and he had so many cuts on his body. He was staggering since he had lost a lot of blood. 

At this moment, I was behind him. I had estimated the distance and prepared to storm out to attack him from behind. 

Before I could take action, the taming master smiled and pointed at Senior Shu. “Hey old man, I admit I’m not your opponent. But have you ever thought about why I waited until night to fight against you?” 

I recognized that he had a backup plan! I retreated behind the rock and observed. Then, I heard fox cries from every direction! 

It was the same sound as the white fox spirit I killed before. Wasn’t he dead? I was frightened and looked around. I saw seven or eight corpses wearing white garments coming from all directions. They besieged Senior Shu and jumped toward him. 

Senior Shu only had the Emei Piercer in his hand. He couldn’t confront all of them. I gritted my teeth and was about to jump into the fight. Suddenly, the Holy Mother Scepter vibrated. 

I remembered what Senior Shu had told me. My eyes turned bloodshot. I started to approach the taming master. As he was focusing on Senior Shu, he wouldn’t be aware of my presence

When the distance was close enough, I immediately read the Big Dipper Sirius Spell. I jumped and thrust the Holy Mother Scepter right at his back with all of my strength. 

It seemed the man had felt the murderous energy behind him as he turned around. When he saw the sparkling of the Holy Mother Scepter, his eyes were filled with fear. He took a step back and wanted to flee. 

I darted the Holy Mother Scepter. The taming master couldn’t dodge it, so he hurried to wield his Nepalese saber. The Holy Mother Scepter released an endless magnificent gold light. It turned into a lightning bolt that hit and broke the saber, then directly pierced through the taming master’s body. 

When the Holy Mother Scepter fell, the taming master had a big open wound on his body from which blood gushed out like a stream. He couldn’t believe his eyes and looked at his wound in disbelief. In the next moment, he slumped on his knees. 

I also couldn’t believe that the Holy Mother Scepter was that formidable. Then, I recognized that Senior Shu couldn’t hold against the white corpses anymore. I hurried to rescue him. Unexpectedly, before I went there, they all fell. 

“Kid, good job!” Senior Shu gave me a thumbs-up. 

I pouted my lips. “You’ve got such a powerful weapon. Why didn't you use it earlier? 

He blew his beard and talked angrily. “Kid, you’re really ignorant! The Holy Mother Scepter’s power needs to be activated, and that can only happen if it recognizes its owner. I allowed you to use it first to give you a chance!” 

“All right, all right. How do you feel now?” 

Senior Shu hinted that he wanted to give me the Holy Mother Scepter. If it had happened before, I would have been thrilled and gladly accepted it. But these days in Tengchong, I had always felt that he was acting as though he was arranging everything before his death. I just smiled and tried to drive the topic away. 

“I’ve got a few cuts, but I’m all right.” 

Senior Shu waved his hand then asked me to call Baji. When the line went through, I said happily, “Baji, we’ve dealt with the tomb robber. Your ancestors’ tombs are safe now!” 

“Yeah, thank you.” Unexpectedly, Baji didn’t sound happy. I felt a touch of sorrow in his voice. 

I wasn’t happy with the way he spoke and thought that we had almost lost our lives to help them, and they acted as though they didn’t care about it. 

When I was about to hang up, Baji said that he wanted to give us some giftsHe told us to meet at the trapping pit tomorrow. I didn’t want to receive their gifts, but I was curious. Early the next morning, I asked Senior Shu to come with me, but he didn’t want to go. 

“We need to find the Undead Grass, grandpa! After meeting with them, we will head to the East of Mount Horse Saddle.” 

Senior Shu finally agreed to go with me. “Oh well, what kind of good stuff could Baji and his kiddo peers give us? I would rather receive a big boar leg…” 

It seemed he loved the roast boar leg here! 

Cheerily, we went to the trapping pit. We were shocked to see Baji and his people wearing white clothes. There was a black coffin behind them. 

I carefully looked at them and found that the second leader of this team, Dazhu, was missing. Baji and the others all had wounds. 

“Dazhu is gone?” I couldn’t believe it. 

When I received the confirmation, I asked Baji, “How did it happen?” 

He didn’t talk and slowly got up from the ground. He handed Senior Shu a box. Senior Shu opened the box. His eyes brimmed with tears. “Undead Grass... Is this the Undead Grass?” 

I stood next to him and craned my neck to see his box. Inside the small box was a gleaming blue plant. There were some dabs of dirt on it. 

So this is what the Undead Grass looks like! 

Then, Baji told me their story with sobs. While we had been dealing with the tomb robber, their team had gone deep into the mountain to find the Undead Grass. 

They were the locals, so they knew that many people had come here to find this kind of plant. Although they didn’t know the function of the Undead Grass, they understood that the older it was, the better the effects would be. 

They reached the most dangerous mountain peak and finally, they found some blades of Undead Grass in an old coffin. Unfortunately, they had provoked the zombie inside. 

In the end, Dazhu died and the others received a lot of wounds. But still, they were able to bring the Undead Grass home. 

Senior Shu was shocked for quite a long time. When he pulled himself together, he got on his knees right in front of the coffin. I followed him and cried silently. 

It had left a deep impression on me. There were many times after that when Senior Shu asked me why I got on my knees at that time, and I always gave him the same answer. “You’re my grandfather and you got on your knees. How could I have not done the same?” 

We smiled at each other because we both knew that we had kneeled to show our respect and gratitude toward the honest Achang fellows. 

Receive a drop of water, repay with a whole stream. 

This was the virtue that the Chinese were proud of the most. But now, they were hiding deep in the mountains and nobody could see them from the outside…

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