Otherworldly Merchant

Otherworldly Merchant

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Ninth Daoist (道门老九)
I'm a merchant that likes to collect evil things.
Everything that belongs to the dead is worth having!
Embroidered shoes that can walk on their own? I want them!
Blue and white porcelain set made from human ashes? I want it!
A straw cutter used to cut people in half? I want it!
If placed in the hands of ordinary people, these items will haunt them and ruin their lives.
But, if placed in my hands, they can bring infinite wealth, change fate, and satisfy one's every desire!
Do you want to know the reason?
Then, come and listen to this story of mine.
That is, if you’re courageous enough…
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19 Reviews
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Dimensional Traveler Hemos
4 years ago
Never wrote a review. Been here since wordpress days (only lurked back then and mostly still). Gotta say that this is my favorite so far. I have read thousands upon thousands of pages of a lot of different novels and this one really stands out. It is still too early to really say if this will develop into an outstanding novel amongst those already here or elsewhere but Otherwordly Merchant is off to a great start.

I get Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark vibes (only with items instead and main characters dont die lol) and I am enjoying every second of reading every chapter. I thank the original author and translator for this great read. All the very best to all involved, plus anyone who reads this, and may your dao be full of blessings.

4 years ago
Not recommended
for such a great premise, i think this was executed poorly. the reason i like Traford Trading Club is how it keep the mystery part mystery you know. like not common knowledge. same goes with house of horror. this novel "paranormal" is too "in your face" for it to be of any mystery or scary .

also, the story is the point of view of the main character, yet we know nothing about him. he calling artifact dangerous, yet he dont explain why is it dangerous, and is it dangerous base on what standard?

to be fair, i only read a few chapter in, but this has been bugging me non stop. he claim the artifact in the first chapter was his first artifact he encounter. that does not make sense at all. his family run the shop for generation. dont tell me his parent didnt show him a single one to prepare him to take over the shop one day? that is very unlikely. if they do it like how in housr of horror, his parent die before telling him anything and he have to figure everything out by himself, that would make more sense.

anyway, i think the premise is good, but the set up and execution is so rush, its embarrassing

4 years ago
I can't believe I like this so much since chapter 1 that it makes me, a lazy person with broken English, want to write a review about it even I am only at chapter 10+.

I always wonder that WW introducing different genres would be a bad choice or not, especially, when they are not related to the term Wuxia. However, I change my mind after reading this.

I am only at chapter 10+, so I can't say much about it, but I totally enjoy it so far.

Here are my 2 cents about this novel:

+The good:

- The genre is really refreshing for me as I only read Immortal/Cultivator novels here.

- The way the MC and his partners tracking down the item history/background so that they could solve the case is really exciting.

- Lots of horrifying experiences imaging what would it was like to be in that situation.

+ The bad:

- The novel is only around 45+ chapters here, but the raw almost 2.6k chapters, so not sure if the author would be like other authors who like using fillers to drag things, but end up to a lousy end or not.

+ The MC would just sell the item after solving the case of it. I thought he has some methods from his father/grandfather to customize it before selling the item. This makes me wonder how could the item help the buyer?

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