Chapter 574: Riding a Thousand Miles Alone

I was anxious. But soon, I recognized that except for the fierce-looking Guan Yu statue, this temple didn’t have a dangerous or suffocating aura. It seemed Guan Yu’s spirit wasn’t here at this moment. 

If Ye Weiguo wanted to burn down this temple, I guessed there was something important here. I searched around and found one memory card and a document inside a clay jar.

The document’s content could be divided into two parts. One was the evidence of Xiao Quan’s team committing treason. The other was the conversations between Ye Weiguo and Xiao Quan, in which Ye Weiguo implicitly mentioned that he wanted Xiao Quan to retreat from this affair to let him take over and continue the business with the foreign forces. 

This document could take both of them down. I had to admire Ye Weiguo. He had prepared very well in case he lost to Xiao Quan by piling their criminal records together.  

After all, if he lost, he’d have nothing to lose. But tonight, as he had defeated Xiao Quan, he had ordered his subordinates to destroy this temple! 

I put the memory card into my cell phone. It contained only videos, including Xiao Quan meeting with the foreign spies, transactions of moneyand sex. 

After checking the memory card, I was angry, but I could finally heave a sigh of relief. With these pieces of evidence, I was safe. 

After carefully storing the document, I was ready to leave the Guan Yu Temple. When I walked past the statue, I inadvertently saw Guan Yu’s eyes from the corner of my eyes. They were open. When I first got here, I had checked the statue. He had his eyes closed at that time! 

People believed that a Guan Yu statue shouldn’t ever have opened eyes. If it did, it would kill people. As an otherworldly merchant, I believed in this legend, but I had never expected to encounter such a situation myself. 

I wondered if I had the power to fight against Guan Yu. For the time being, I was worried. 

However, even after a long time, I hadn’t felt any danger. Still feeling puzzled, I received a call from Ye Weiguo’s subordinate. 

“Mr. Zhang, Jiang Shan was slashed in half!” He sounded both worried and excited.  

I sat on the ground. It turned out Guan Yu didn’t want to kill me, but Jiang Shan. 

If Guan Yu had done his deed, he would return here soon. I shouldn’t linger! I got up to leave the temple. When I was at the threshold, I subconsciously turned to check the statue again. His eyes were still open wide! 

I suddenly realized that Guan Yu wouldn’t stop until he had killed all the traitors. And, from my understanding, Xiao Quan was the only traitor still alive… 

I had to expose Xiao Quan’s crime before Guan Yu could kill him. Otherwise, there would be no one alive to tell the truth. Even if I had the evidence, I might be accused of murder. 

I returned to the hospital as fast as possible. Through Ye Weiguo’s subordinate’s connection, I contacted Ye Weiguo’s close friends, who were also high-rank officers, and asked them to spread Xiao Quan’s crime to the superiors at their fastest speed. 

Of course, to show my sincerity, I sent them all the videos in the memory card that showed Xiao Quan committing the crime. 

After watching them, they directly contacted the Secretary of the Disciplinary Inspection Commission and submitted Xiao Quan’s crime evidence. 

The guys from the Disciplinary Inspection Commission were honest people. After watching the videos of Xiao Quan contacting foreign spies and committing treason, they all paled in rage. The leader suddenly slammed the table and roared, “Investigate them! We have to take them one by one!” 

“Sir… Mr. Secretary, can you wait for a second?” I had considered telling the Secretary about Ye Weiguo’s death the moment he walked into the room. Due to his high position, I thought I could hide his death for a night at most. If someone else found out about it before I reported the case, I would be found guilty too. 

The best solution now was to find support before the news spread out. The Secretary of the Disciplinary Inspection Commission had power and worked efficiently. He looked like a good person, too. He was a good choice for me now. 

“What do you want to tell me?” The Secretary asked with an emotionless face. 

When he got into the room, he had noticed me, but he didn’t want to cause more commotion at the time. My glance lingered at the people standing next to him. I bit my lower lip and didn’t say anything. He was a little surprised. Then, he dismissed his people with a wave of his hand. After everybody left, I coldly said, “Ye Weiguo is dead. If I’m not wrong, Xiao Quan’s subordinates have been killed too…” 

“What?” He had just sat down and when he heard me, he sprang up again and rolled his eyes. He shouted, “Repeat what you just said!” 

I told him about the situation one more time. Moreover, I told him everything from the time they had come to my antique shop until now. 

Of course, I didn’t tell him that Jiang Shan had blackmailed me. I told him that since it was the call of my country, I had agreed to help them without any condition… 

While I was talking, the Secretary didn’t interrupt me. However, his face strangely changed from time to time. His brows slammed together when I told him about Ye Weiguo and Xiao Quan’s conversation in the hotel’s restroom. However, he had a hint of happiness on his face when he knew that Ye Weiguo had discreetly investigated Xiao Quan. 

The Secretary kept silent for quite a long time after I had finished talking. Then, he told me with a warm voice, “Young man, do what you need to do. My people will try their best to cooperate with you.” 

“Mr. Secretary, please expose Xiao Quan’s crime to your superior. Otherwise, if he dies, I’ll have to…” I didn’t finish talking. I had inexplicitly told him that I didn’t wholly trust his Disciplinary Investigation Commission. 

“Haha!” The Secretary smiled then made a call. He sounded as though he was asking for someone’s opinion. After finishing the call, he said with his chest thrust out, “I’ve asked for my leader’s direction. He gave me these words: Iron-blood attack, close the case ASAP!” 

I exhaled in relief. It meant they had the same idea as me. The Disciplinary Inspection Commission worked fast. They found the various crimes Xiao Quan had committed. When they took Xiao Quan’s oral confession, I was there too. I found that Xiao Quan was a scumbag even worse than what I had imagined. Not only did he commit treason, he even used his position to facilitate corruptionmurder, and more... 

It was the fastest death sentence I had ever seen. Within twenty-four hours, Xiao Quan was transferred to the Military Court. As he had created serious damage and was a big threat to society, the Court condemned him guilty with an immediate death sentence. 

After Xiao Quan was sentenced, with the help of the Disciplinary Investigation Commission, I brought the ashes of the deceased to Shiwu Lipu Town and presented them in front of Guan Yu. 

lit candles and incense. When the smoke started to twirl, I closed my eyes and read the sacred text of Daoism, and presented their crime to Guan Yu. I also apologized in their place.  

In the end, I respectfully gave Guan Yu three kowtows. Except for my grandpa, no one else had received such honor and respect from me. 

It wasn’t that I was afraid of Guan Yu. I admired him for his loyalty and righteousness. Even when he was in Cao Cao’s base, his heart was always with his people!

When I got up, I saw that Guan Yu’s eyes were now closed. I felt the suffocating pressure one more time. But it didn’t feel dangerous this time. Strangely, I felt warm. 

Guan Yu had returned to protect this land, bringing with him the courage that had never worn out after two thousand years. Let alone the fact that I wasn’t his opponent, even if I could defeat him, I wouldn’t do that! 

After attending Xiao Quan’s funeral, a van that carried seven or eight famous officials experienced a horrible car crash. All the officials inside the car were dead, and among them was Ye Weiguo. 

It was the explanation the Disciplinary Investigation Commission came up with. Although it sounded weird, it was the only solution now… 

I thought about leaving after the murder case was solved. However, I was worried that Guan Yu would kill people again, so I decided to stay in Shiwu Lipu for a while. I would take some time and travel to see some scenic sights as well. 

Another week had gone by. Beijing had gradually recovered its calmness. My worries were eased. I bid farewell to the Secretary of Disciplinary Investigation Commission.

Anyway, if Xiao Quan and his team had been loyal to their country, would they have had such an ending

While I was pondering, I thought I saw a horseman riding the Red Hare with the Green Dragon Crescent Blade in his hand, galloping away from Guan Yu Temple. 

That person wore a long, cyan robe. His long beard flew backward in the wind. His sharp eyes coldly swept through the land. 

I knew Guan Yuncheng would never stop. He was waiting for the next dishonest and disloyal person to show up! 

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