Chapter 561: Take Off Your Trousers!

Yesterday, she was busy with work and she had stayed up almost the whole night to finish her documents. When she returned to her room, she slept right away. While sleeping, she heard a child crying. 

At first, she didn’t mind it and thought that a kid in the neighbor’s house was crying. She soon recognized something wasn’t right. She heard crying everywhere. Moreover, the source of the sound seemed to get closer and closer to her! 

She woke up. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw the face of a crying kid in her closet. The kid had a very pale face and was crying blood. She was so scared that she screamed and kicked the door open. Then, she ran away from her bedroom. 

Unexpectedly, the living room was even more frightening. The TV, the wallpaper, and even the floor were full of crying faces. 

She was scared out of her wits. She rushed out of the house and ran to the police station. That’s when she encountered us. 

I frowned and checked the sky outside. The night had just begun. Even if there was no sunlight due to the rain, foul things didn’t dare to come out so early. I thought the otherworldly item wasn’t simple. 

After having a simple dinner, I asked Wang Ping to go to her room to rest. 

She was scared and held my sleeve. She asked worriedly, “Those crying faces will come again, right?” 

I nodded. “When they come, I can figure out how to deal with them. I need them to show up.” 

Although Wang Ping was scared, she listened to me and went to her room to rest. I simply stuck some low-level evil expelling talismans in her room. These talismans weren’t very powerful. However, they could protect her life and not scare the spirit that much. It was suitable for the severity of the situation. 

After arranging everything, I hid in Wang Ping’s closet and left a slit at the door to look. 

Most of her clothes were kept in the guest room. This place had some clothes she wore at home. There was more than enough space for me to hide in. 

Wang Ping was weary. After a few minutes of lying on her bed, her breathing became stable. She even snored. 

I held the Sirius Whip and closed my eyes to regain my composure. At this time, I was completely concentrating on the commotion around. 

It always felt like a long time whenever I had to wait. I kept checking my watch. I didn’t know why, but I felt restless as I watched the hand of the watch tick by. 

It was midnight now, but nothing had happened yet. I thought it wouldn’t show up tonight. When I relaxed my tense nerves, I started to feel sleepy. All of a sudden, I felt like fainting. 

Suddenly, a woman’s shrill cry woke me up. My sleepy head was clear at that instant. I grabbed the Sirius Whip and rushed out of the closet! 

When I faced Wang Ping, I saw the scared woman. She was gazing at me. I knew something bad had happened. Immediately, I took a quick step forwardturned around, and lashed the Sirius Whip. 

A horrible cry echoed in the room. I lifted my head and saw the crying faces on the ceiling and the closet. They were everywhere, just as Wang Ping had described. 

It was a child’s faceI couldn’t tell if it belonged to a boy or a girl. The grim expression and the child’s loud cries should have made people pity it. However, its pale skin and blood tears made people’s scalps tingle. My palm was damp with sweat. My nerves tensed up.

There were a few types of evil spirits. There were some that you could help ascend, but there were also others that wouldn’t stop pestering you until you died. When child ghosts became evil spirits, it would be extremely tough to deal with them. 

I wielded the Sirius Whip and furiously hit one of the faces. The crying face shrilled sharply. Then, it burst like a shattered mirror and revealed a mess of blood and brain. I refrained from puking and lashed another face. However, they seemed to be able to grow endlessly. 

After a long time, I was so tired that I had to gasp for my breath. The Sirius Whip’s power had almost run out. At the same time, those crying faces started to crawl up from the corners of the room and headed toward the middle section of the room. 

Wang Ping hid under her blanket. She screamed unceasingly. She had almost lost her mind. 

I didn’t have time to comfort her. As I watched the faces shorten the distance between us, I retrieved the Sirius Whip and sprinkled a handful of refined salt on them. 

As soon as the salt hit them, the crying faces sizzled as if they were being roasted on a stove. 

I didn’t know if it was a misconception, but I smelled roast meat. Those faces were smart, though. After they got hit, they shrank and retreated to the ceiling, closets, or wall. They waited like a tiger lurking for a chance to snatch their prey. 

“Argh!” Right when I had just taken in a sigh of relief, a kid’s scream came from upstairs. 

“God damn it!” I cursed. Wang Ping’s son was still upstairs. 

I quickly considered things. I then took out the Peach Soul Flower to protect Wang Ping and sprinkled salt at the door. The cries of the ghost arose again with the sizzling noise of roasted meat. 

Seizing the chance, I pulled the door open and brought Wang Ping with me. We tried to rush upstairs. 

The scene outside the room made me gasp for my breathThe crying faces were everywhere. When they saw me, they started to cry and roar. 

Facing several hundred faces crying blood, my head went blank. I was stunned for a few seconds. 

After being in shock for a while, I realized that a few faces had already climbed on my trousers. They tore my muscles as they cried

A sharp pain pulled my nerves together. I used the same trick and sprinkled salt on my legs to expel the ghosts. I didn’t have time to worry about my bleeding legs and rushed upstairs. 

Amongst hundreds of crying voices, one belonged to Wang Ping’s son. He had cried loudly at first. However, during the time I was held back downstairs, his voice seemed to have disappeared. 

I was restlessly worried and rushed upstairs. I reached the boy’s room and found that his room was locked from the inside. I took a few steps back and kicked the door.

I hurried to enter the room. The kid was sitting on his bed. His face looked sleepy. He looked like he didn’t know what had just happened. 

“You didn’t cry, did you?” I was surprised. His fair-skinned face didn’t have a streak of tears. 

He shook his head and hugged his cloth tiger tighter as he cautiously looked at me. It seemed he had woken up because I had kicked the door. He didn’t know anything. 

I smiled embarrassedly and left his room, closing the door behind me. However, after a few steps, I recognized that something was wrong. I was sure that I had heard a shriek that stood out from the ghosts’ cries

Did I get tricked? I patted my thigh angrily and rushed downstairs. 

While running, I kept wielding my Sirius Whip, which helped clear a path from the faces that had packed the stairs. 

Wang Ping’s calls for help were feeble. When I came to the living room, the ghostly faces were crawling all over her body. Her face had many cuts. Her mouth was open, but she couldn’t make loud sounds. 

My heart sank. I hurried to read a spell. The Peach Soul Flower in Wang Ping’s chest spun as the activation spell was read. It released waves of light that covered and protected Wang Ping. 

The faces on Wang Ping’s body knew it wasn’t safe anymore. They hurriedly scattered from her. However, since the Peach Soul Flower had been boosted with my spell, how could they escape? 

shouted when the spell was complete. All the ghostly faces nearest to the Peach Soul Flower were smashed into wisps of black smoke, vanishing into thin air. After Wang Ping was saved, my beating heart finally calmed down

When I got upstairs, I felt that something was wrong. The first floor had been submerged with ghosts’ cries, but it was dead silent on the second floor! It was really strange. However, back then, I was so worried about the boy that I had ignored this. 

After the whole incident, I calmed down. The living room was still filled with the crying of children, which gave me a head-splitting headache. I had to think about how to stop them. 

I had used up the power of the Sirius Whip and I had almost used up all of the refined salt. Since I had come here directly from the police station, I didn’t bring anything else with meFeeling restless, I looked around the room to see if I could find anything to defend myself with. Unexpectedly, I saw something

Perhaps Wang Ping hadn’t noticed it, either. There was a blood-stained area on her white trousers that she had just changed into when she came home. It meant she was on her period! After seeing the ghostly faces try to swarm us again, I screamed, “Take off your trousers!”

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