Chapter 559: A Spring River that Flows Eastward

hurriedly moved aside to dodge the female ghost. I fumbled to take out the wormwood powder, smearing it over the wound on my neck. Then, I stood up and cautiously watched the ghost! 

The female ghost’s weapons were her long sleeves. In the dreams, her sleeves looked mesmerizing when she danced. However, at this moment, if she used them, they could take people’s lives!

I didn’t want to fight her head-on. I moved the lighter close to the painting and shouted, “Calm down. Do you want your husband to perish?” 

She froze. However, it was for only a moment. Then she continued to attack me even more furiously! Her sleeves moved into the air. I couldn’t even see her shadow, only her moving sleeves. 

“Li Yu, damn you…” I thought I would go mad after knowing that Li Yu had overestimated his position in Zhou Ehuang’s heart. Since she had already become an evil ghost, she didn’t care about betraying her husband or not. 

“Don’t hesitate! Burn me!” I suddenly heard Li Yu’s rushing voice. It seemed he had made up his mind. 

I didn’t want to. If I burned the painting, his soul would perish. I didn’t mind him and continued to sway to avoid Zhou Ehuang’s attack. I threw the Sirius Whip aside as I had already used up its power. I casually grabbed a blood transfusion rack near me. 

This transfusion rack had helped many people in the past. More or less, it had some Yang energy. When I used the rack to stop the ghost’s sleeves, she screamed. 

The blood transfusion rack worked. I wielded it harder, but I had to stop after a few times since it was heavy. 

When the ghost saw me stop my movement, she shrieked and flew toward me. Soon, she pushed me into the corner. I had no way back! 

“Ehuang!” At this moment, Li Yu called her. I opened my eyes and recognized that the ghost’s long nails were just around ten centimeters away from my forehead. She could pierce through my head in the blink of an eye. 

Li Yu’s Yin spirit was smiling. He was holding the scroll painting and hovering above the flame of a candle. 

Although the small candle couldn’t hurt Li Yu, if Li Yu boldly pushed himself into the flame, it wouldn’t be easy for him to return unharmed. 

“I’m so sorry Ehuang! I shouldn’t have had anything to do with your sister under the moonlight and left you to die alone in the palace. Your sister was indeed young and beautiful, yet you are my only wife. Sigh! I have regretted it. But by then, it was too late. Why didn’t I recognize and treasure you when I still had you with me? If you ask me how much I worry, it’s just like a river flowing eastward in the spring!” Then, Li Yu threw the scroll toward the candle. 

I gawked in shock. I hadn’t thought that Li Yu would be that cruel to himself! 

It seemed the female ghost also hadn’t expected that he would be that resolute. She screamed and dashed forward. But the scroll had already been engulfed in flames. It fumed rings of dark smoke. Li Yu’s ghost slowly disappeared as the painting burned. In the high flame, he didn’t even flinch and stood majestically as a king. I admired this man. 

However, as soon as Li Yu disappeared, the female ghost became more frantic. The black mist became thicker. It covered me shortly after. 

“You all have to die! I’ll bury you with him!” As she saw that I didn’t have anything to defend myself, she didn’t hurry to deal with me but kept howling and roaring. 

I was speechless. Li Yu’s spirit was forced by her, right? Why did she pour it on me? 

Anyway, I understood that since Li Yu’s soul had vanished, it was impossible to help Zhou Ehuang ascend peacefully. I hadn’t activated the formation earlier because I didn’t want to hurt Li Yu. But I didn’t expect that he would be so resolute. 

Before she could attack me, I jumped into the eye of the formation. 

The female ghost gritted her teeth and hurled herself toward me. I didn’t let this chance slip away. I closed my eyes and read the spell to activate the formation. At the same time, I took out the Peach Soul Flower from my chest and held it horizontally in front of me. 

The Peach Soul Flower’s power was not big. However, since it was small, it wasn’t an attacking weapon, but a strong defensive tool. As soon as the Peach Soul Flower emerged, a dazzling red halo expanded, which swept the ghost’s sleeves away. She screeched. At the same time, the Peach Soul Flower’s halo faded and disappeared. 

I opened my eyes to look at her. She was wearing a menacing smile. She knew the Peach Soul Flower had lost its defensive effect. I shook my head and gave up othe idea of helping her ascend. I activated the mutually engendering and mutually restraining formations. 

From my spot in the center, two light spheres appeared. They spun and released a light that hit the ghost. She was stunned and looked at me for quite a long time before instinctively hitting the Life gate. 

Unfortunately, as soon as she broke through the Life gate, the Death gate of the other formation blocked her. Since the spheres were spinning fast, when she got out of the Life gate, she faced the Death gate. 

Under the silver light, the dark mist on the ghost diluted gradually. In the end, she had no energy left. 

I exhaled. I wanted to ask if she had any last words. However, before I could say anything, she had run toward the burning scroll. As I watched the flame devour her, I had a feeling I couldn’t describe… 

If Li Yu and Zhou Ehuang had lived during modern times, they would have been a typical married couple that loved each other a lot. 

Yet, the husband couldn’t get over the mortal temptation. He was a typical man.

Zhou Ehuang could endure her husband’s harem full of beauties, but she couldn’t stand the affair between her husband and her younger sister. 

In the legend, after Zhou Ehuang knew about Li Yu and Young Lady Zhou, she laid facing the wall every day. Until her death, she hadn’t glanced at her betraying husband even once

The next morning, Orange woke up. After such a horrible incident, Orange’s mother agreed to her marriage. Shen Haoran stated that I had done him a great favor. He swore that he would stop his thug life and become a responsible husband. Moreover, he asked me to stay to drink wine at his wedding. 

Their wedding was small but warm. Li Mazi and I refused to sit on the high chairs for important relatives. We sat in a corner and silently drank. After the reception, Li Mazi and I spent another night there. After the newly married couple bid farewellwe drove back to Wuhan. 

I brought the remaining part of the painting with me. I would study it further since I didn’t understand why a counterfeit could become an otherworldly item. Why did the Last Ruler, Li Yu of the Southern Tang, choose to dwell in it

Then, I went to an expert to check the painting. He told me it was true that the painting was a counterfeit. However, the poem on it was authentic. 

I couldn’t hold my emotion after thinking about Li Yu boldly burning himself. He had chosen that way to destroy himself. Deep in his heart, he had felt guilty for a few thousand years. He wanted to be a good husband, but in the end, he became a cheater who had broken his wife’s heart. 

It was similar to a famous movie star’s recent affair. Why did they have to linger in the temptation of beauty for a moment and hurt the partner who had been with them through thick and thin? 

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