Chapter 551: Something Strange About the Wedding

After I returned home, took another half month to fully recover. Then, I started to contact Chuyi, Senior Shu, and all the people I could! 

The reason was that I wanted to get married! 

Yin Xinyue and I had witnessed the love between Li Mazi and Chuchu, and then his love with Ru Xue. Their little daughter was already learning how to walk. 

Yin Xinyue had already hinted to me that she wanted to get married, but I had pretended not to get it. At that time, I wanted to get married after my business was stable enough. However, after Dorgon’s case, Yin Xinyue became anxious. 

She was afraid of waiting for me. She was afraid that one day, I would never come home. We decided to get married when we returned home. 

I looked at her serious expression and felt deeply touched. I had known her since the bone necklace case. She had been with me through many deadly situations. If she hated my profession, she would have left me already. 

If she didn’t mind it, there was no reason for me to hold back. No matter what the future had in store for us, I didn’t care. I just needed this current happiness. 

That was why, as a person who had always tried to live a low-key life, I pushed it a lot this time. Not only did I contact the big shots I knew in this business, I even invited Li Mazi’s friends and Ru Xue’s distant, very distant relatives! I just wanted to give Yin Xinyue a wedding she would never forget!

I dreamt of my grandpa the night before the wedding day. He fondly looked at me and smiled. “My good boy! I’ve been gone for quite a long time, and you’ve finally done something right! After you get married, you should hurry and give me a little great-grandson!” 

After I agreed with him, he patted my shoulder then left. My grandfather was not someone to waste time

On my wedding day, the entire antique street was packed. It had never been so crowded before. People whom both I knew and didn’t know had come to congratulate me. We received a large sum of money. A small red envelope could contain several thousand, or even hundreds of thousands of renminbi. Li Mazi was the best man, and he was also in charge of receiving the red envelopes. His smile looked like a blooming flower the entire time. 

There was nothing to complain about as Mr. Jin had taken care of everything himself. To make the ceremony more lavish, he used more than ten Lamborghini cars as my wedding parade cars. 

After everything was done, I sat down at a table to drink with Chuyi, Senior Shu, and Zen Master Baimei

It was my grandfather who had introduced me to this profession, but it was the merit of these three people that I was alive today

Chuyi had always helped me. Zen Master Baimei had come to rescue me more times than I could remember. Even the despicable Senior Shu had taught me well and cared about me as if I was his grandson. 

I guessed my new marital status had changed my mood. I took a few cups and made use of the alcohol effect to call Senior Shu grandpa.’ I didn’t know if Senior Shu was drunk or not, but I saw him cry silently as he talked to me

It was a rare time for us to sit together and chat. After the wedding, my friends and relatives gradually left. I pledged my heart that I would take care of Yin Xinyue and treat my family well. If possible, I would meddle less with otherworldly items.

However, there was a saying that went, “Sometimes when you don’t look for trouble, trouble comes to you!” 

After they all left, Li Mazi and I sorted things out. We made a list of my gifts. The main reason was that human relationships were built on mutual courtesy. I needed to remember this list to give them similar gifts later.  

After listing the gifts, I was surprised to see the gift the Zhang family in Jiangbei had given me. It was the embroidery of a cute boy and girl, and the thread used was made of gold and silver. I checked and found that the seal stamp on the fabric stated it was dated from the years of Hongwu during the Ming Dynasty. 

It was unexpectedly an item from the early Ming Dynasty, which was worth a lot. This time, the Zhang family seemed to have bled a lot. This embroidered picture carried the blessing of having a precious child.

It seemed the Zhang family had always looked down on my family line, but they hoped that my descendants would extend the Zhang family. No matter what, we all came from an ancient family. I repaid the favor by sending the bronze bow to Gold Tooth. It was my gift to the seniors of the Zhang family. 

However, there was something strange. After we finished making the list, there was a strange jade hairpin left. 

This jade hairpin was exquisitely made. It felt cool in my palm. The fancy feature of this hairpin was the red phoenix inside. It looked like the phoenix was born inside the rough jade before they made it into a hairpin. 

It was awesome. At first, I thought it was a modern art item. However, it was a real antique that had at least one thousand years of history. 

If someone gifted us such a precious item, that person should have a close relationship with me. I blamed Li Mazi for not remembering the name of the person who had given this big gift! 

At first glance, Yin Xinyue took an instant liking to the jade hairpin. She picked it and put it in her hair bun. Before we went to bed, she smiled and asked, “Can I keep this hairpin?” 

It looked beautiful on her. However, I didn’t know who had given it to us. “It’s okay, but you shouldn’t wear it outside of our home.” 

“All right, okay…” Yin Xinyue nodded, but she didn’t sound pleased. 

She didn’t often act like this. I thought she liked the hairpin a lot. I regretted telling her not to wear it as my words seemed to have displeased her. I changed my words immediately and told her that she could wear it whenever she wanted. Then, I pulled her under my body and started to devour her like a hungry wolf. 

I thought she would be cheered up the next day. However, she continued to look displeased. 

At first, I thought she was mad at me because I didn’t want to let her wear the hairpin. Or, that she had the post-wedding blues. I thought she would feel better after a few days. 

That night, I got up due to an urge to use the bathroom. I lifted the blanket. Yin Xinyue wasn’t in the bed with me. 

I thought she was also in the toilet. I left the bedroom to check and saw that the light was off. When I switched the light on, I found Yin Xinyue sitting alone on the sofa. 

She was wearing a traditional red wedding dress and had a thick layer of white powder on her face. It was even scarier because she was frowning as if she was suffering from something very painful. She didn’t notice my presence even though I was standing next to her. 

“Yin Xinyue, are you okay?” I tried to get her attention. After our wedding, I had felt that something was wrong with her. Now I knew she had a burden on her mind. 

She got herself together and nodded at me. However, she didn’t say anything and walked to the bedroom. 

I was afraid that she would sneak out again, so I pretended to be asleep and laid on the outer edge of the bed. She didn’t leave the room that night. 

The next day, Li Mazi and Ru Xue came for lunch. While eating, the couple kept muttering to each other. 

“Hey guys, is there something wrong?” I asked. 

Li Mazi shook his head.

When Yin Xinyue went to take a shower, Li Mazi said in a serious tone, “Little Brother Zhang, don’t you feel something is wrong here? I think my sister-in-law looks so strange.” 

That’s right. After the wedding, Xinyue seemed to have become someone else. Every move of hers is so elegant and classy. It doesn’t fit her cute and stubborn character,” added Ru Xue.

I just smiled. “Oh well, she’s my wife now. Having good senses and behaviors are required to build a family, right?” 

“No, that’s not what I meant…” 

Li Mazi came close to me. When Yin Xinyue wasn’t paying attention, he lowered his voice and said, “I think my sister-in-law is pestered by something foul.” 

I immediately recalled her strange action last night. I was bewildered. It was true that she became quiet and gloomy after our wedding. If she only treated me that way, I could understand. But now, even Ru Xue, her bestie, thought that she was acting strangely. There should be a problem! 

Li Mazi and I excused ourselves to leave the antique shop to buy some cigarettes. I told him abouthe situation last night. Li Mazi patted his thigh and said in a mocking voice, “Hey friend, you are always quite sensitive, but when things happen to you, you become muddled.” 

“What do you mean?”  

“Think about how my sister used to be and how she looks today. I’m certain that there was something strange amongst the gifts you got. Moreover, I’m guessing it might be that strange jade hairpin!” 

Li Mazi’s words had woken me up. It seemed that ever since Yin Xinyue put on the hairpin, she hadn’t taken it off!

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