Chapter 519: The Night Parade of One Hundred Ghosts

Li Mazi pinched me several times to wake me up. At this time, it was already dark outside.

Jade Tail sounded aggrieved. “It’s not my fault that he kept me with him!” 

“What happened to me?” I held my head. I felt dizzy and light-headed. 

“She’s been sucking your Yang energy,” said Chuyi. 

“What?” I was surprised. “You stinky little fox, was that your way of repaying the favor?” 

Jade Tail felt irritated. “What do you mean by ‘favor’? You eat rice, and I eat Yang energy. It’s normal for me to eat, isn’t it? I just took a bit of energy from you, and you fainted. Why are you blaming me for being so weak?” 

This little fox had a sharp tongue. She made my blood boil.

Chuyi said, “This thing is really dangerous. She has not been tamed yet. You shouldn’t bring her with you all the time.” 

What's this ‘thing’ you mentioned? It’s not polite to talk about a girl like that!” Jade Tail had her hands anchored at her waist. She fumed and jumped out of my bag

I got up and sighed. “We should continue to prepare the seal.” 

It seemed something was hidden inside the pine tree as it was blocking the eye of the formation. However, we couldn’t get inside the tree to check. 

Then, I remembered Jade Tail. “Miss Jade Tail, we have to ask a favor of you.” 

She said contentedly, “Oh? What do I get in exchange?” 

“I’ll buy you something good to eat,” I said as I tried to coax her. 

“Geez, I don’t want food! I want new clothes!” 

“Okay, okay!” 

Jade Tail turned into her fox form and entered a hole at the tree stump. She shortly returned and transformed back to her human form. While brushing off the brown leaves on her body, she said, “rusted samurai sword and a set of armor are inside.” 

I guessed these items were used to kill many people and gradually accumulated strong murderous energy. That was why they were used to guard the seal. 

We didn’t have similar items to replace them. I discussed it with Chuyi and we both agreed that we would use them for the new formation as well

As we were about to activate the new sealing formation, police sirens howled from the foothill and echoed through the night sky. Chiba rushed to check and said, “Not good. There are many policemen in the shrine.” 

I was surprised. “I told Urashima not to call the police, didn’t I?” 

The situation had become complicated. I decided to activate the formation first. I put on the gloves and grabbed a few black snakes, nailing them onto the pine trees. When their blood slumped from the tree to the soil, I started to read the spell. 

As soon as I finished reading the spell, a group of people with flashlights in their hands came to the mountain. Urashima led this group of policemen. He pointed at us and ranted about something. From his tone, I knew they didn’t come in peace.

Jade Tail was scared. She turned into her bead form and went back into my bag. 

The policemen took out their pistols and shouted. Chiba hurried to explain to them. However, Urashima hostilely pulled her aside. 

“What did they say?” I asked. 

“They said you were the accomplices that stole the Silver Fox Guardian. They told you to stay still…”  

Before Chiba could finish, Urashima yelled at her. I guessed he wanted to shut her up. 

My head buzzed. Is Urashima planning to push the blame on us, or does he have something else in mind?

We were just Chinese tourists that couldn't speak the local language. We couldn’t communicate with them. Eventually, they came to cuff us. My heart chilled as we might end up in jail.

Li Mazi tried to explain himself with tears on his face, hoping the other party would understand what he was saying. 

Chuyi’s eight-faced Han sword was confiscated as they considered it a weapon. His face was emotionless, and he didn’t show weakness when he faced the policemen 

“Mr. Zhang, I will find a way to rescue you!” Chiba screamed. 

I asked quietly, “Jade Tail, can you help us?” 

“I can!” Jade Tail’s fox head protruded from the bag. “But you have to bear all the consequences!” 

All right, don’t do it!” I hurried to say.

She snorted and didn’t sound pleased.

She was a monster and might use extreme methods. If she caused big trouble, we would be doomed

The policemen took us down the mountain to where a few police cars were parked. I thought I was done for, but a shotgun resounded all of a sudden. Many people crouched in fright. A young cop held a pistol with both handsshakily pointing it in a certain direction.

The chief ran to him and yelled at his face. The young man tried to explain himself. 

This scene in front of me was like a drama without subtitles. Soon, I knew what had just happened. A headless samurai with broken armor slowly approached the police chiefrom behind. Many people saw him. They screamed and shouted.  

The chief also turned to see, and his eyes opened wide in shock. The samurai raised his sword and hacked at the officer. The chief officer landed on his butt. He was paralyzed from fear. 

A few shotguns echoed. However, the bullets went through the samurai’s body, which made his figure flash. It was as if the bullets had hit a reflection in the water. 

I looked around. A thick fog had arisen within the shrine. Some human figures appeared in the fog, both ancient and modern. The mikos, staff, and policemen screamed in fear. 

The place was in complete chaos. I discovered that Japanese people were really afraid of ghosts. Did they believe in their existence?

The policemen fired their guns unceasingly. The shrine’s staff and mikos ran to hide inside the shrine. 

While I was watching the fun, I heard a crackle. My handcuff was unlocked. I lowered my head and found Jade Tail with a tiny key in her hand. She blinked at me. “How will you thank me for this?” 

“Where did you take the key?” 

“I made it from a leaf! Sigh, I stole it, of course!” 

She also uncuffed Chuyi and Li Mazi. As soon as we were free, we backed off to a relatively safe area. There were bullets flying everywhere. We didn’t want to get hurt. 

Someone touched me from behind. It was Chiba. “Mr. Zhang, Mr. Urashima hadisappeared!” 

“I’m sure he’s going to the mountain. He wants to destroy our seal!” 

understood it now. Urashima was the other party’s accomplice. If he hadn’t insisted on opening the box to check, Jade Fang wouldn’t have had the chance to steal the statueAt that time, we hadn’t suspected him yet. 

We immediately headed to the mountain. If we caught Urashima, we would be able to clear our names. 

As soon as we got to the mountain trail, we saw numerous ghosts wandering around the mountain. There were a lot of them. At first glance, they made me think of the event called ‘the night parade of one hundred ghosts.   

“Oh my God!” Li Mazi hid behind a tree. “I’m not going! I’m not going! Anyway, I’m no help. I’ll wait for you guys here!” 

I wanted to scold him, but I saw a long-haired banshee behind Li Mazi. It looked like Sadako in ‘The Ring’.

I smiled and said, “Hey, look what’s behind you.” 

Li Mazi turned and screamed. He swung his arms and legs and ran to hide behind me. 

At this moment, countless souls were attracted by our auras. They started to swarm toward us.

Chiba made hand seals and shouted, “Evil spirits, get lost!” 

Thanks to her bloodline, she still had some magic powers that helped her sweep away the weak souls. 

I drew my Sirius Whip and read some spells. The whip moved like a snake. All the souls it hit turned into smoke. Chiba was amazed. 

Those souls didn’t have great strength, so Chuyi didn’t need to take action. 

I cleared a path and told them to follow me. However, I wasn’t aware that a samurai had approached me from behind. When I turned to see, he had already wielded his katana, ready to hack at my head. My heart chilled at this moment. 

“On your knees!” Chuyi made a hand seal

The samurai knelt in front of me as if he was pressed down by a mountain. He clenched his teeth and used the katana to support himself.

From my position, I could see his guts spilling out. He was bleeding. Perhaps he had performed seppuku to commit suicide. All the ghosts that died by the way of suicide had strong resentful energy. 

Chuyi drew his sword out of its sheath and gently moved it. The samurai was beheaded; he turned into smoke and vanished.

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