Chapter 517: Luring the Tiger into Leaving the Den

It happened so suddenly. Xiao Gao first bumped into Li Mazi and made him fall to the ground. Then, he snatched the fox statue and rushed out of the storage. 

We didn’t linger and bolted out to chase after him. Urashima yelled for help.  Several mikos and priests tried to block him, but Xiao Gao was the same as that woman in the social club. He was too strong. He used his shoulders to send some priests to the ground before rushing toward the yard. 

I called Chuyi to help me block Xiao Gao. Xiao Gao’s arms were protecting the fox statue. His eyes had turned red as he bared his fangs furiously at us. 

I wielded the Sirius Whip and lashed forward. Xiao Gao was running between the stone lanterns. There were many times where I almost had him. Unfortunately, my whip hit a stone lantern, so the man slithered away like an eel. Moreover, the yard had many stones and trees that blocked our path. We couldn’t grab him. 

Suddenly, Chiba came over and screamed, “There’s no need to chase him. The real fox statue has been taken out of the shrine!” 

“What did you say?” 

I turned to look at Xiao Gao. He was hiding behind a stone, waiting for us to chase him. 

I bit the tip of my tongue, and the pain woke me up. The item in Xiao Gao’s hands wasn’t the fox statue. It was just a rock! 

He had taken the real fox statue from Urashima. However, when he went to the door, someone had helped him. They swapped the rock and the fox statue. We were chasing after Xiao Gao and thus gave the other person time to run away with the real fox statue. 

looked at Chuyi and hurriedly descended the mountain. 

We saw a minibus parked by the road. The bald uncle we saw in the social club in Osaka craned his neck out of the window. He gave us an evil smirk before they drove away. 

I rolled my eyes in disbelief. They had stolen the fox statue in broad daylight under our watch!

Chiba rushed to where we were standing and saw the minibus leave. She was so worried that she lost her temper. “Are you two fools or what? You let them go! What should we do now?”

She squatted and clutched her head worriedly. 

I suddenly recognized that the way she spoke was different from Chiba. Moreover, Chiba’s Chinese wasn’t that good

Chuyi also realized this. He drew his eight-faced Han sword and pointed it at her throat. He said coldly“Who are you?” 

Chiba was frightened. She raised her hands and a fluffy tail abruptly appeared behind her. 

At this moment, the real Chiba and Yin Xinyue arrived from the mountain path. They were shocked to see the scene. The fake Chiba slowly transformed and turned into the little fox that had messed with us yesterday. 

“Tell me everything you know. Now!” ordered Chuyi. 

The little fox’s ears folded forward dispiritedly. “All right.” 

When we returned to the shrine, Xiao Gao had been captured. A few men from the shrine were holding him down.

Xiao Gao had foam at the corner of his mouth and was trying to bite them. I took out a talisman and stuck it on his forehead. He finally stopped wiggling. 

Chuyi checked Xiao Gao’s water bottle. He took a sniff and found that the water had something in it. It was the same fox’s saliva that the hostess in the pub drank.

This stuff had caused Xiao Gao to lose his mindHe was likely ambushed before we reached the shrine. 

“What is the relationship between you and the boy in white?” Chuyi asked the little fox. 

The little fox scanned the surroundings. She looked scared and didn’t want to talk. 

I turned to Chiba. “Could we get a quiet room to interrogate her?” 

Chiba nodded. “Yes, let me take you there.” 

We then escorted the little fox to an empty room. Urashima stayed to take care of Xiao Gao.

When we were in the room, the little girl stomped her feet. She pouted and yelled, “My goodwill is really wasted! I’ve tried to help you continuously and you treat me like this!” 

“Helped us? Like yesterday?” I snapped back. 

The little girl crossed her arms in front of her chest. “I just wanted to test your capacity. I didn’t hurt you.” 

“Little fox, you’re bold to say that. I almost went crazy yesterday!” Li Mazi felt his blood boil when the girl reminded us of the situation last night. 

Ru Xue opened her eyes wide and muttered to me, “Brother-in-law, is she a real monster?” 

When the little girl heard that, she bared her sharp fangs. Ru Xue was scared and hugged Li Mazi’s arm.

The little girl introduced herself. “I’m Jade Tail. The boy in white is Jade Fang. We are the guards of Tamamo no Mae-sama.” 

“So you are very, very old, right?” asked Yin Xinyue. 

“No… We were dormant most of the time.” 

What Jade Tail told us was shocking. This little girl and the boy were monsters that Tamamo no Mae created from her soul. They were like her clones. However, they didn’t have great power. They only knew how to tempt people and create illusions. 

After killing Tamamo no Mae back then, Abe no Seimei sealed the two little foxes inside two crystal balls. They later became the eyes of the Silver Fox Guardian. Although people said that they were enshrined in this temple, the truth was that they were sealed here

As time passed, the power of the seal wore out. The two fox spirits were finally able to escape. Jade Fang thought that there was no more powerful Onmyoji like Abe no Seimei in this era, so he decided to revive Tamamo no Mae. He cooperated with a businessman named Tanaka. Tanaka sent his people to ruin the geomancy of this shrine. Of course, he also had a hand in the robbery of the Silver Fox Guardian. 

Compared to Jade Fang, Jade Tail was much kinder. She understood that because Tamamo no Mae had been sealed for more than one thousand years, her resentful aura had to be extremely high. If she was released, no one could imagine the consequences. However, she alone couldn’t stop Jade Fang. Later, she accidentally learned that we could draw this sort of talisman, so she decided to usher us from the hotel to the shrine. 

After telling us the story, Jade Tail got on her knees and begged us. “I can help you stop Jade Fang. However, I have a request. Please don’t hurt him.” 

I pondered. “Is there a relationship between the Silver Fox Guardian statue and the seal that imprisoned Tamamo no Mae?”  

“No, there’s nothing.” Jade Tail shook her head. 

“Then why did he want to steal that statue?” I was puzzled. 

Chiba explained, “Silver Fox Guardian-sama is the treasure that guards this shrine. Once people know that the statue is missing, it will have a very bad effect on us. Mr. Urashima will have to ask for forgiveness and resign. Furthermore, this shrine’s management could change.” 

The management?” 

“The shrine belongs to the government. But if business isn’t good, they might let someone else manage it,” Chiba answered. 

It seemed the bald uncle was a possible buyer.

I asked Jade Tail, “Still, why would Tanaka want this shrine?”  

“Maybe Jade Fang told him that there’s a gold mine or a treasure underneath the shrine. Tanaka is a corrupt businessman, after all,” Jade Tail answered. 

“How can you know so much?” 

“Because if I were him, I would trick the man in the same fashion. We are foxes. We often deceive people like that!” The little fox laughed and showed her fangs.

Jade Fang and her were like twins; they grew up together. Of course, their thinking was the same, so they couldn’t fool each other. 

“You can still wear that proud face?” Li Mazi fumed. 

Jade Tail made a face at him. 

“But what’s here? Is Tamamo no Mae sealed here?” I asked

Jade Tail nodded. “Tamamo no Mae-sama is sealed on the mountain behind this shrine!” 

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