Chapter 513: Jade Tail

I didn’t expect that we would capture that little fox so easily. Her tail seemed to be her weakness. I reached and pinched her tail. The onlookers looked at us strangely, but I didn’t care much about that

I asked her, “Who are you? Why did you ambush us?” 

The little girl looked at us pitifully. She folded her ears and gave us an aggrieved look. I thought she didn’t understand Chinese, so I took out my phone to call Xiao Gao to come down here to translate. 

However, the little girl suddenly said, “Mr. Huang asked me to come here to protect you guys.” 

I was a little surprised. This little girl could speak Mandarin. Still, she was a fox spirit that could live for a long time. It wasn’t strange that she could speak many languages. 

“Who is Mr. Huang? I have never heard of him.”  

“What? You don’t know him? If you don’t believe me, ask your pockmark-faced friend.” 

“You mean Li Mazi?” I spotted a flaw in her words. “If you came to protect us, why did you cast your magic illusion on us?” 

“I didn’t hurt you!” The little girl shook her head. 

Is that so? We almost became crazy in your magic illusion. Be honest. Who is Mr. Huang?” My voice grew cold. 

“He… He asked me to bring you guys to a place. You’ll know when you get there.” 

I didn’t understand and turned to Chuyi. He frowned and said, “She’s fooling you.” 

I turned and caught a smirk on the girl’s face. Immediately, a stinky gas emitted from her lower body. It was like tear gas, and I couldn’t even open my eyes. I covered my mouth and coughed hard. 

Her fluffy tail slithered like a snake, and she got away from my grasp. I was mad at myself for being easily fooled by a little monster. 

Chuyi chased after the girl and tried to stab her twice, but the little girl moved agilely. She jumped from the counter. Afterward, both of her legs hooked onto the chandelier, her body dangling upside down. She swung and made a face. 

“You fool! You fool! Haha!

I angrily drew the Sirius Whip and lashed at her. The little girl caught the whip. Then, she attempted to pull me toward her. 

This little fox spirit was too naive. The Sirius Whip was covered in spells that could exorcise ghosts and monsters. As soon as she caught it, she shrieked in pain. The whip left a burning streak in her palm. 

I withdrew the Sirius Whip then lashed again. The little girl jumped off the chandelier and dashed to the door, fleeing

I wanted to chase after her, but Chuyi stopped me. “We don’t know that fox spirit’s origin. We should be careful as we don’t want to be trapped again. She didn’t do anything besides using that illusion, so we shouldn’t attack recklessly. It’ll be safer if we hold back for now.” 

I nodded. I felt really tired, so I decided to head back to my room to rest. Suddenly, I got a call from Yin Xinyue. “Brother Zhang, did you catch that little fox?” 

“No, I didn’t.” I felt strange, though. Yin Xinyue hadn’t seen the girl, so how did she know it was a little female fox? Something was wrong! 

Yin Xinyue sounded anxious. “Go after her. She stole our passports!” 

“Did she steal anything else?” I asked. 

“No, but the four passports are gone. She didn’t steal money. Hurry, we’ll be in big trouble if we lose our passports!” 

I sneered. “Little fox, you want to fool me again? You’re not Yin Xinyue!” 

After keeping silent for around ten seconds, Yin Xinyue said, “Brother Zhang, did you hit your head somewhere?” 

“You damn fox, did you steal my wife’s phone? Did you fake her voice to fool me again? Did you really think that I would buy it?” She hung up after I scolded her. I felt proud of my quick wits.  

Soon, Yin Xinyue came out of the other elevator booth. She looked very angry. “In more than twenty years, it’s the first time someone thought that I wasn’t a human. And, you were the one who did that to me! I feel hurt. Anyway, look here.” 

She shoved her phone to my face. It was a photo she had just taken. Someone had used a brush to write a line on the wall. It read, ‘Little fox immortal Jade Tail visited here!

She swiped to the second photo, which was our luggage. Except for our passports, it seemed nothing else was missing. 

“Now, do you buy it?” Yin Xinyue fumed. 

I was so stunned that I couldn’t make a soundI wished that the ground underneath would open up and swallow me whole. I tried to show off but ended up failing hard.

looked at Chuyi through the corner of my eye. The man looked as though he was smiling. “Hey, are you laughing at me?” 

“No, I’m not.” He pulled his cold face back again and wiped all the evidence. 

“Why are you still standing there? Without passports, we can’t go home. I don’t want to be an illegal immigrant here!” Yin Xinyue sounded mad. 

Anyway, iwasn’t as serious as she said. We could always go to the Embassy to get another passport. However, we would have to show evidence and the procedure was extremely complicated. It was possible we had to stay in Japan for a month. 

Chuyi said, “Let’s go before she goes too far.

I answered helplessly, “Yeah.” 

After we left the hotel, Chuyi began to sniff along the street. I asked“How can you smell the monster aura? I can see ghosts, but I can’t sense monsters.” 

He gave me a faint answer. “You haven’t fully awakened.” 

I didn’t know how long we had walked when we saw the little girl sitting on a street light. She was combing her tail. It seemed she was waiting for us. 

I tried to call her“Miss Jade Tail, we don’t have a grudge. Please give back our passports.” 


“What do you wantafter all? Will you be gentle enough to tell me?” I said begrudgingly. 

“I want you to stay here and play with me!” Then, she took out a passport from her pocket and tore it. I almost cried. 

Fortunately, she only tore the protective cover of the passport. Then, she fanned the four passports in her hand as if they were poker cards, sniggering. “Come catch me. If you can catch me, I’ll give them back to you.” 

She gently bounced from one lamp post to another while giggling. We had to run after her on the street. I was irritated. 

We were always being chased by zombies and evil ghosts, and when we finally went on a nice trip to Japan to rest, this little fox was teasing us. I pledged to myself that I would make her into a nice fur! 

We ran the entire way and gradually left the city. Kyoto wasn’t that big in the end

The road led us to a mountain flank with dense and big trees. I had to stop and gasp for my breath. Jade Tail jumped onto a red, archway-like thing that looked like the Chinese character ‘. I remembered it was called torii, which was usually the entrance to Japanese Shinto shrines. 

Jade Tail jumped above a series of torii and disappeared into the woods. 

Inadvertently, we were brought to a shrine. A high and ancient structure stood in the night. Perhaps because it was leaning against the great mountain, it looked especially imposing. 

If I was correct, this should be a famous shrine in Kyoto. It was the Inari Shrine! 

As we were about to enter, a bamboo stick was suddenly placed at my throat. A young girl around twenty years old with a ponytail stood before me. She was of medium height, and her attire looked like a Chinese Han suit. She wore it with a loose, white coat accompanied by a crimson skirt. It was the typical attire of a Japanese shrine maiden. 

The bamboo stick was actually a broomstick. The girl looked at us with bright eyes. She looked hostile! 

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